The transition from e-bike to me-bike

I mentioned before, I took up biking again after a considerable break for several personal reasons. One, to improve my fitness, two, to commute to work, three, to look super cool in some sparkling lycra. 

My fitness levels were very poor so, after nearly killing myself on my first commute and taking almost an hour to ride 12kms to work, I converted my Trek mountain bike into an electric bike. It's transformed the commute and is a wonderful machine. I love the feeling I get when riding it, especially up hills on long rides.

However it was only intended as an interim device to get my fitness up so I could get back on a proper bike. Two weeks ago that transition happened and my daily commute is now powered only by me.

It's been a really simple transition made simpler due to the showers and changing rooms available at the office. After 2 weeks I'm now really starting to enjoy it. I do arrive sweaty and puffing a bit but the ride to work is (mostly) downhill. Obviously coming home its the opposite but no one sees the sweaty, panting, bedraggled mess that crawls up out of the garage each night when I (eventually) make it home, so its all good.

Last year I did the Brisbane to Gold Coast 100km ride on my proper bike, just to see if I could do it. I didn't break any records, except maybe the one for the slowest ride, but I completed it under my own steam.

This year I've signed up for two long rides, the Brissy to the Bay 100km charity ride in June and the 65Km Brisbane Rail Trail in May. A bit ambitious as my commute is now only 6kms each way but I'm all for giving it a go.

Now, Strava is full of cyclist that post 100kms morning rides they do before work in the mornings, with average speeds of 30kph or more who may read this and wonder at the ridiculousness of this blog.  I regularly get whizzed past by several of these advanced and experienced riders when puffing my way up Lutwyche Road incline on my way home like the Little Engine the Could. But what they do is inspire me. If they can ride up this hill at twice my speed then with practice one day I can too. Got to start somewhere.

So I've started.

Lets see where this ride will take me.

My Brissy to the Bay fundraising page is here

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Comment by Dirk on April 21, 2016 at 7:45pm

I love this. Personal journey and discovery, man. It's cool and right that you recognise and enjoy personal progress in that way. That's what life's about I think.

Comment by Dunsobarky on April 20, 2016 at 9:15pm
Thanks all. As observed Doc Embrey I'm keener on progression that competition. As you said there's always someone better than you. I admire their talent and fitness and use it as an inspiration. Today I ascended Officeworks hill Lutwyche Rd and didn't need to take it off the big ring. That's a milestone for me and my progression. Wasn't long ago I was in the granny gear. Onwards and upwards.

Big Steve, I love my ebike, haven't ridden it for a while as I'm training for this event but I'd use it in preference for any long range tour. It's a joy to ride and as you said, I was often passed by faster riders on road bikes while riding it. The main thing about e-bike riders is they generally ride much more often than the average me-bike rider.

Whatever bike you are on, better to be on a bike than not.
Comment by Big Steve on April 20, 2016 at 10:15am

This is going to come as a bit of a surprise but my story is very similar. I had an electric bike and two roadies blitzed me up Kedron Brook road. I couldn't even keep up with them on my electric bike.

It showed me what was possible. Very inspiring. 

Comment by Doc Embrey on April 20, 2016 at 7:44am

Good on you - people ride all sorts of bikes for all sorts of reasons and I think if you enjoy riding and it's good for you then you don't need any other justification for doing it.

At the end of the day STRAVA is pretty much just used for keeping score, be it against yourself or anyone else - I still count the kilometres on STRAVA so I guess that's keeping score and I use it for more nefarious reasons to do with finding more craft beer bars than an evil work colleague as well (OK, that's probably not what the makers intended but I do anyway).

I've been way more relaxed and happy riding around since I ditched the speedo and realised it did not matter a rats zero to me if I was faster or slower than anyone else or how fast I was going. You seem to be more goal orientated than competitive (I am) and maybe when it's all said and done, being faster or slower than anyone else won't have much meaning to you either if you think about it - there will also be faster and slower people than you.

For many people it's about being faster or having the flashiest gear and if that's what makes you smile do it. For me, it's not the bike or whether I'm faster or have the flashiest bike, for me it's just being on a bicycle.

However you are - enjoy the ride :D

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