I am having a new tube put inand that sealant that you are reffering to on Paul from 99 Bikes suggestion. 16 inch tires are rare so I only found one choice which Paul said wasnt a good one. It will cost me about $40.00 all up I am thinking. I appreciate the suggestions as I am trying to work out all possible future glitches. The trip back on the truck was free courtesy of my membership but not something I could rely on. The weather was perfect so that helped that time. I will let you know how it pans out so thanks very much for your thoughts.

I tried patching it to no avail. 2nd new tube on the back. Still the cheapness of travel and no parking costs with the trike even things out. Still love it to peices.

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Comment by Jeff Moo on April 20, 2015 at 9:42pm

Mary, I have recently acquired 2 Greenspeed GT5s, so went from zero to 6 by16" wheels pretty quickly. I initially carried a few 20" tubes that I already had and when I got a puncture, it was easy to install the bigger tube, doubling over a 1"-2" section to shorten it to fit. I later bought a few 16" tubes, and when I tried to install one after receiving a puncture, discovered that it seemed to be about 15.5 inches. I had to pump it up outside the tyre to stretch it, then had to work pretty hard and stretch it some more to get it to go into the wheel/tyre. Got me thinking that I'd rather stick to 20" tubes, even though they are the "wrong" size.


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