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I've been a little absent here this month, my day job is keeping me busy as usual and this time of year is incredibly hectic for one of my "side jobs" which is running the website for this little event. Things on that front looked to be pretty stable on Tuesday night, so when Nick in his ever so subtle way suggested that we go riding I thought it would be ok so said yes. "You want to meet here and head to Springbrook ?" was the next question.

Umm, ok. THAT will be fun with a Christmas's worth of food in me this week!

Why not!

So yesterday morning I headed off to Surfers to meet Nick for a ride.

I've not ridden on the coast before and I have to say I quite enjoyed every minute on it. The roads are actually pretty good, although the drivers are pathetic. We headed out towards Mudgeeraba and then the climbing started. 


As climbs go, it's not actually all that steep. It's a pretty constant 6% grade according to my Garmin. It's just long, about 20kms worth of it. It just keeps on going, turn after turn, switchback after switchback.

Fortunately it's a lovely ride. It's all in forest so it's not too sunny, it's decent(ish) road and not too many cars. There are a few narrow spots but everyone up there seems pretty patient and used to cyclists.

Near the end it kicks up a little bit more, with what Paul described on Twitter as a "giant zit in the middle" of the profile.

Once you get to the top, if the cafe is closed like it was yesterday, all you have to do is come back down.

Coming down is fun! Turn after turn, switchback after switchback. Awesome! Unfortunately the descent is over so much more quickly than the climb. If I had the legs for it I would have turned around and done it again, but this was more climbing than I'd done in quite a while and I just didn't have it in me.

Plus I'd run out of water!

When we got back to sea level we headed over towards Miami for a coffee at Robbie Mcewen's cafe, "Piccolo Espresso" and as luck would have it 10 minutes later Robbie came back from a training ride with a group of other riders. So we got to drink our drinks while looking at some incredibly fast and expensive bikes!

After that we headed back to Surfers, I packed up my bike and headed back to Brisbane for more tending to web servers as the world wanted live updates of one of the closer yacht race finishes in recent years..... but that's a story for another, far geekier day!

Springbrook, highly highly recommended for a good couple hours on a bike. Thanks to Nick for showing me the way.

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