OK putting this one out there to the public for comment.

I bought it in Seattle and brought it home as a commuter / kid lugging bike. It did it's job, I've spent many many hours riding around with my son on the back. It was never particularly comfortable for me though, I suspect it's a fraction too big. It's a 58cm, the 56 felt too small though and I think I'm probably somewhere in between (My Giant TCR is supposedly about a 57 in Giant's compact frame sizing and it fits great).

I can sit on it comfortably, but it's always been hard to get a real spin happening on the pedals making it somewhat awkward to get up hills on. I have a theory that slightly shorter cranks would solve this.

Anyway, time has passed and I have a different bike for commuting. The boy is quite happy on his own bike, his little sister has a happy home on the back of her mums bike (mine goes too fast while keeping up with "young Cavendish") so I've been using this riding along behind him on the paths (the fixie with 120psi in the tyres feels horrible on said paths).

Another problem with this bike is it's long overdue for some TLC, it desparately needs a new chain and cassette so I have to spend some money on it.

So I had a whacky idea.

Turn it into a single speed cruiser.

The frame has horizontal dropouts, so it can be done.

I'll need a new rear wheel (I'm running 700x28 on it at the moment, which suits pretty well at about 90psi, I could go a little wider), I want new / shorter cranks. The cantilever brakes should be ok. I'm also considering losing the drop bars and getting something swept back and cruiserly, or maybe flat bars.

Any thoughts / ideas ? What would you do ?

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Comment by DamianM on September 8, 2010 at 11:51am
Hehe thanks Peter

It's a little on the heavy side, although less so now I've taken the rack off.
I've since stripped a lot of the bits off, although the project has stalled a bit. I'm thinking either the single speed idea or just maybe an internal geared hub.
Comment by Peter Jenkin on August 23, 2010 at 3:38pm
How about offering it to me at a good price? What a great bike. Would be perfect for commuting, Sunday rides in the hills (not too heavy?) and the occasional trail with a change of tyres...

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