Moved into a new but smaller apartment with no garage space. No place for the big bikes so sold them, including my pride and joy, the ebike and bought a folder. It's a Giant Expressway 1 selected after much deliberation and assessments. Would love a Brompton but couldn't justify the cost differential. It's great fun on a folder, loving my daily commute.

Took a few k's to get used to the ride but now its second nature and such great fun. It's not fast but it zips along nicely. There's no part of the commute allows you to open up anyway so it is perfect for this purpose. It's folds up enough to hide under my desk at work and in the corner of the stairwell in the apartment.

The Trek has 7 speeds, trigger shifters, very important for me as I don't like twist shifters. Upgrades?
I fitted some Azur light for commuting and I have a super bright front light if I ever need it, haven't yet. Got really used to the Selle SMP TRK saddle on my previous bike so I think this may be the saddle upgrade I have to go for. Mirrors for commuting are a safety must for me. Looking at some cool Topeak bar ends with flip out mirrors as it won't impact the folding mechanism.

Will go on a longer ride very soon and give proper feedback but until then I am again a happy biker.

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Comment by Steven Lockstone on December 21, 2017 at 6:47pm

E-bike sound interesting. I never have one but thinking to upgrade my mountain bike. Commuting will never boring again. Buying e-bike included all accessories or you need to buy it separately. Safety is the number one rule when riding a bike. 

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Comment by Doc Embrey on August 29, 2017 at 7:32am

While you mention the subject of Brompton's ... a fellow where I work has an old 1980's Dahon which is in fabulous condition, but we agree that the Brompton luggage system is the best there is - just slide the bag onto the block on the frame at the front above the wheel and you are done. Arguably the largest range of bike bags and cases is made for the Brompton luggage system and carrying your bags on the frame above the front wheel is the best place to do that on a folder.

Now, the Brompton luggage system is just a block and a frame - both of which can be bought from Brompton Australia. The block screws into your frame above the front wheel and the frame is irrelevant for this discussion (anyway, most Brompton bags come with a frame, though you could use it to make your own bags and stuff).

So, the new Expressway's should have the tapped screw holes on the frame above the wheel I believe, though the spacing and thread might be different from the Brompton set. If that is so, all you would need to do to use the Brompton block and bags would be to make an adapter plate with four holes - two that screwed into the Expressway luggage point and two that the Brompton luggage block and you could use the excellent Brompton luggage system for your bike - if that makes any sense.

I guess you could just drill and tap your frame to achieve the same thing.

Comment by Dunsobarky on August 28, 2017 at 9:42pm

I agree Doc. I think folders suit the more upright riding style but need the additional goods to support that. A suspension seat post, comfy saddle and a set of riser bars would make it a more comfortable ride. Brompton have an optional bar set that would be perfect for this purpose. The saddle is (possibly) my favorite upgrade as I get older. I'm striving for the "armchair on wheels" feeling. The other possibility for favorite is something to carry my shit  stuff in instead of my back pack. Anything that gets the weight off my coccyx is a good thing.

Thanks for the pic. Interesting it looks so good with the trailer. 

In any case, IMHO, anyone who rides a bike, of any sort is on the right path.

Comment by Doc Embrey on August 28, 2017 at 7:22am

Hey good on you Dunsobarky ... my first folder was an Expressway and I regret selling it. It's a different type of riding on a folder ... not as manic and on and off trains and buses and ferries when you want too.

I always thought it would be a better bike with a sprung saddle and riser handlebars instead of the flat bars it comes with because the all alloy frame which transmitted every bump to my wrists and elbows ... I figured there would be less weight on my wrists and elbows if I was sitting up straighter but then I would need the padded and sprung saddle - my saddle of choice was the Selle Royal "Manhattan" ... double sprung and double padded AND with "royal jelly" (whatever that is)

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