Invite to Bicycles Create Change Art Bike Presentation - This Sunday 13th March

Bicycles Create Change - Art Bike Presentation

You are invited to an ART BIKE PRESENTATION on Sunday 13th March at 10.30am at the Bethania Community Gardens, Wynnum-Manly, Brisbane.


The Bicycles Create Change Summer Program has for the last 8 weeks, been working with 4 international students (from Japan, Cameroon, India & Columbia) on a collaborative learning internship to develop their academic, vocational and personal skills - which has community engagement as a central focus. 

Local contributions to Art Bikes:

The program involves the students undertaking an array of weekly tasks and self-directed activities. Each participant selected a social issue and creatively represent that issue in the form of an Art Bike.

Some of the social issues the participants have chosen include women’s emancipation and corruption as some examples. One example of an art bike (that will be present on the day as well) can be seen here to get an idea of what will be presented – the social issue is wasteful consumerism:

Local Community Involvement

We canvassed the local Lota community last month for donations for bikes to use for this project and the response was overwhelming.  We received more than enough and the reactions were super positive and engaging – so we wanted to let the wider community know of what the final art bike results are.

Final Program Community Presentation:

We are having our final presentation where we will display and discuss our art bikes on Sunday 13th March at 10.30am at the Bethania Community Gardens, Wynnum-Manly, Brisbane. 

We would love for you to come and join us for an hour with refreshments included.

You can contact Nina if you have any questions on

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