Sorry to add yet another negative post but I've come to hate this thing. I joined in a couple of years ago and kind of had fun but our team were all work-commuter cyclists who found it easy to rack up the numbers and stay ahead of the pack and win etc. 

This year, our whole organisation is being highly pressured to participate as part of the 'wellness' program (paid for by the co) but it all seems like crap to me. In the last year or two we're increasingly all expected to be on call at all times of the day and the workload is such that we can't just turn off and enjoy our non-work time (I'm taking a break from my -post-dinner work to post this). In amongst this the GCC just seems like a feel-good thing for the organisation and something to enable them to avoid providing staff with a genuine work/life balance. 

I worked for a while in Japan where the office hours generally were about 8am to about 10pm. We used to have 'health workers' walk around and castigate us for not being healthier with our lifestyles. I think we're on the way to that here.

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Comment by Aaron Ball on April 1, 2015 at 9:57am

I have a personal dislike for cycling 'challenges' or event rides.  Most of them perpetuate the view that cycling is a 'sport' or some special type of event.  I think this further marginalises cycling as an everyday, most-people transport choice. It still bugs me that people I know who see me ride to work feel the need to comment how dedicated I am, how dangerous it is, etc. and just look sceptical when I explain that most days it is actually the easiest, most convenient mode for me.

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