Day 5 Wednesday 18th Nov
Day trip to Noosa
Noosa was about 22km from Coolum so I only needed 2 batteries for the day trip as I'd proved I could get 35-40kms out of each one on the fully laden bike. Checked both batteries were fully charged and after a dawn swim, rubbish Macca's breakfast I set off. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining, bike was performing like a dream. The road was a bit hilly but no problems with my Ebike with a motor. With the power level on 3 I sped off. Took just over an hour and was a lovely ride along the coast with some amazing views. Noosa beach was beautiful as always. I rode up to the spit and around the wooded part of the park. Rode to Tewantin and back to Noosa. Noosa and Tewantin were busy with cyclists. Dozens of them enjoying the sun and exploring. Was good to see. My strange looking bike got some looks. Had lunch in Noosa and headed back to Coolum. The ride back to Coolum was just as much fun with some great views. The Ebike performed faultlessly today. I stopped at Coles to get something for dinner and as approached by Peter, a local man who saw the weird looking bike and wanted to know more. Turned out he was interested in ebikes and was thinking of getting one to cut down on his car journeys for sort trips. After I answered his questions about cost, battery range ease of use and reliability he seemed convinced he was going to get one for himself. Changing the world one person at a time. I got lazy and decided not to cook and eat out, had a lovely pizza in the Coolum Surf Club. Views were amazing and the food was spectacular. Top class and highly recommended. They also did a good pint of Guinness to all in all a good night.

Day 6: Thursday 19th Nov
Back to Caloundra
Bloody birds woke me up at 4:30am so went for a morning swim and breakfast in the Coffee Club. Baked chorizo hotpot and eggs. My favourite. Wi got back to the campsite and packed the panniers and took the tent down. Another camper came over when he saw the bike. He was also interested in getting an Ebike and had much the same questions as Peter. After I answered all his questions he asked me if he could take a few pics. Of course I said ok! He also indicated he'd been persuaded to get an Ebike. 2 days , 2 Ebike converts. Result! I packed the panniers on the bike and headed off. I'd been experimenting with different configurations of the panniers on the bike. Both what I packed in each one and also where I put them, front or back etc. on this leg I'd packed the heavy stuff in the little Axiom pannier bags and I put them on the front this time and the bigger but lighter ones I put on the back. The theory was that the two batteries on the back were heavy enough and the heavier ones on the front would balance the bike better. Incidentally this was the first time I'd ridden a bike with heavy panniers and at the start it felt really unbalanced and wobbly but after a short while I got used to it and it was fine to ride. During the ride to Caloundra the problem I had previously with the bigger bags falling off when going over bumps on the road happened again and again on this leg. So I pulled out a couple of Bungy cords and secured them better to the racks and after this I had no issues at all.

On the way through Maroochydore a gpfully lycra'd up girl on a racing bike that looked like it was hewn from a fighter jet plane wing pulled up along side me and started asking about the bike. I answered all I could until the lights changed and she was surprised I was keeping up with her flying machine on the mad looking bike with 30kgs of stuff hanging off it.

I took the option on Google Maps bike route to go down all the bike tracks on the way back from Coolum to Caloundra. It was a lovely calm and pleasant ride but slow ride along the waters edge. All in all a great days run of about 44kms. Battery one run out at 42kms so I was dead pleased with that range especially on a fully laden bike.

Tomorrow was a rest day, I think it's important to see the places you visit rather than ride through them and a holiday without downtime isn't really a holiday. That was the last of the riding the Ebike got on the holiday as the next day was spent kayaking across to Bribie and doing some fishing and exploring. A blissful end to the short break.

On the next post I'll do some lesson learned and observations

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Comment by puddle jumper on November 29, 2015 at 12:23pm

Keep the updates coming. 

Comment by Peter Smith on November 22, 2015 at 7:12am

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

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