The short tour on my ebike is nearly over. Thought I'd do a quick update. I'll do a full blog with pics when I get back

Day 1: Saturday 14th Nov.
Set off from Brisbane about 8:00am heading to Caloundra where I'd arranged to stay at a friends place. Google maps said it was about 104kms. I had 3 batteries with an 'estimated' range of up to 120kms so was about to test how accurate my calculations and estimates were. About 30 mins into my journey the heavens opened and it stayed like that for the next 4 hours. I now appreciate truly the meaning of 'torrential'. I persevered onwards and didn't stop as I didn't know how long it would last and whether is have time when and if it did stop to get to Caloundra. I'd taken the ebike through rain before so I knew it was a bit waterproof but I'd never been out in rain like this and for such a long period. I made my mind up that if the bike kept going so would I.

The bike died 6km out from Caloundra. So I peddled the last bit unaided. A wire had shorted and broke off the battery Anderson connector. I saw a Jaycar up ahead and stopped and bought a soldering iron and some solder.

Got to my friends house about 2:30pm. Left the bike in their garage, put the batteries on charge and went to the pub. I'll fix it tomorrow.

Day 2: Sunday 15th Nov
The bike is dead. Re soldered the connector but the electrics were dead. Controller was good and there was plenty of power but it just wouldn't switch on. Took everything apart and found there was water in the controller display unit. Dried it out but didn't help, still dead. Thought it was fried and my holiday was over. Resigned to this I took the offer if a lift back to Bris on Monday and hit the pub again.

Day 3: Monday 16th Nov.
Packed my bags and was heading back home when I thought I'd give the bike one last try before leaving . It worked! Electrics must have dried out enough to switch on! The trip was back on. The test run showed all was not well though. Bike was stuck in 1st level assist and wouldn't change. Never mind I could live with that, trip was still on! But then the power levels started randomly changing, shot up to 5 down to 3 back up to 5 then the bike died again. There must still be some water somewhere. Trip was off. I fixed the dying part, bad connection probably caused by my 'fixing' the previous day. Set off on the test run again and after a while it must have dried out some more because it settled down and started working properly. Trip was back on. By this stage it was too late to start out so went back to my friends house parked the bike up and went back to the pub.

Day 4: Tuesday 17th Nov
Caloundra to Coolum Beach

Headed out about 9:00am after checking the bike over. The bike performed ok eventually after a while on the road. It did exhibit the jumping power levels thing but settled down again about half an hour into the trip. Was a beautiful day, sun was shining and all was well with the world. Got into Coolum Beach and checked into the camp site for 2 days. Set up camp and headed out to check out the town. After a while exploring I found the pub had a drink or two, went to the Indian restaurant is passed earlier for a curry and then settled down for the night.

To be continued ...

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Comment by Dunsobarky on November 20, 2015 at 8:36am
I rode up the Steve Irwin way. It's a bit hairy in places but not too bad overall. The controller box was waterproff and sealed. I took it apart to check it and it was dry inside. I think k the water ingress that hurt was either in the button pack on the handlebars or more likely the display panel. It is supposed to be sealed against rain but the rain was so hard it was probably like being immersed. Not much could survive that.
Comment by Gavin B on November 20, 2015 at 6:18am
What bike? Pretty bad it was not actually water proof! Gees.
Comment by Doc Embrey on November 20, 2015 at 6:10am

Very good, did you ride up to Caloundra via Steve Irwin Way (the old highway) or Old Gympie Road?

The water in the controller lights up a memory too, I'm fairly sure I've read hereabouts other people having the same problem.

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