critical mass - we need it now more than ever - bikes, card players, gypsies etc. even room for unused greyhounds Nuns and grandmas to come along and be a part of Bne the new world city- San Francisco style. For it to happen it needs to be a social media spectacle extravaganza.
I know all the nanny state peeps will be negative but it will build confidence and that is what we need to be shown as a relevant part of soceity - using the safety bicycle as a way to limit our footprint and not just tick boxes and follow groups like Sea Shepherd and greenpeace and then go on and tell all what a fantastic human being you are because you wear a shirt with a logo - woopy doo - ride a bike in the traffic every day to work and around instead of wasting time on all that pretencious soul soothing bollocks. The Human species need not bow down to a bucket of bolts and inefficient motor vehicle when a bicycle is cheaper, quicker and you get to exercise at the same time. 500 people is what is required - people will come from all corners of the globe for one of these thrilling rides, unicyclists, tandems, recumbents kids and clowns. It needs to happen, Pollies and Fat Cats couldnt care they can get chauffered around at taxpayers expense so Its time to make a stand, are you in! or are you going to be a fence sitter and let BCC - the (Brisbane Council corporation) dictate and screw it all up as they have in the past and continue to do so by installing thousands of those yellow bike symbols all over the joint costing millions not to even help a cyclist. Yeah it is time for change and dont wait for anyone else -
It may take 6 months to get it organised but will be worth the challenge. Stand up and let me know.

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Comment by Raymond on February 4, 2017 at 10:07pm

Hi Peter - you might be wondering why this post has received so little attention. I hate to point it out, but the concept of Critical Mass is flawed at worst and inefficient at best. On the other hand, check out "space4cycling" - they have a slow roll around the CBD every (I think) Tuesday night; it's not quite Critical Mass in concept, yet still has me thinking uneasy thoughts.

On the other hand, check out "space4cycling" - they have a slow roll around the CBD every (I think) Tuesday night; it's not quite Critical Mass in concept, yet still has me thinking uneasy thoughts.

I'd like to go into more detail but this world no longer prides/rewards itself on well-reasoned arguments. It's every man (yes, unfortunately) for himself, with those believing in a fair go having a higher standard set for them.

All the best.

Comment by Peter Cutajar on December 31, 2016 at 9:24am
Thanks for reading the post it may take some time to get traction for this idea and lots of passion, Cyclists are passionate people and I think it may take a generation for that passion to fire up and make a stand, There are only a handful of cities and towns that have seen the long term benefits from cycling, Brisbane and most of its inhabitants have been a Car based soceity for some time but very small changes are happening. The autonomous car will eventually appear (in some countries 2017- 2020) Australia the land of football, meat pies, V8's, jeeps and landcrushers etc may see it in the next 10, although Uber already has made its mark on the Taxi industry and that is a bonus for cyclists already, Uber drivers in my opinion are definitely better drivers ( they have not got 2 way radios, extra screens etc distracting them as well as having headphones taking calls and not watching the road) and when Uber transforms to autonomous it is a good move forward. The costs of keeping and storing a car will also keep escalating and the peeps with any smarts will just hire them when they need, increasing population may still keep the car numbers stable but more of them will be service cars uber, lyft, autonomous etc ( Slower safer speeds and hopefully safer for cyclists in the long term.
Comment by Peter on December 30, 2016 at 5:37pm


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