It's been a fun day...


I had a couple of boxes on bike bits sitting around the house that arrived early this week from a wiggly establishment somewhere overseas. 

What better way to spend a nice sunny winters day but fixing bikes!


First up is my roadie, needed a new freehub body which meant a cleaning and repacking the hubs. It also was due for a new chain. All done! It's shifting and rolling so much better now.


Second one, and the fun bit... My little man's new bike! I picked up a second hand 20" road bike for the littlest sprinter earlier in the year, it's been too big for him to ride but he's almost big enough. Only problem is his reach to the brakes, and the fact that the brake levers were pretty crap. So I've solved this with some nice compact Cane Creek brake levers, which will actually be still a little far out of reach, but at least they work. To solve the reach bit I've also added some Cane Creek Crosstop brake levers which he CAN reach with his hands on the tops. He'll grow into the rest pretty quickly.



I finished cabling that up tonight and it's going to work a treat! Just need to add some TDF Sprinter Green Bar Tape (hasn't arrived yet) and the Green Jersey edition CatEye bike computer and his birthday present is all ready for the big day in September. He's going to love it!


Lastly was my badly neglected Bianchi, after stripping it all down of shifting parts I decided I really didn't need another single speed. So I've put it all back together with a new cassette, chain and cables on it and got it running nicely again. I can't decide if I want to keep it or sell it, it's a lovely bike but I just don't have a need for it. It is much nicer to ride now it shifts properly though.


I used to just take my bikes to the local shop and say "here, fix!", but these days I'm really enjoying doing this stuff myself. I actually find it very therapeutic. I have to put all my other stress out of my mind and just focus on the task, and on a lovely day like today that's just great.


Tomorrow I'll have to ride them all!

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