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New convert to folding bikes

Moved into a new but smaller apartment with no garage space. No place for the big bikes so sold them, including my pride and joy, the ebike and bought a folder. It's a Giant Expressway 1 selected after much deliberation and assessments. Would love a Brompton but couldn't justify the cost differential. It's great fun on a folder, loving my daily commute.

Took a few k's to get used to the ride but now its second nature and such great fun. It's not fast but it zips along nicely. There's…


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Long Distance Ride Upgrades

To get back into biking proper I bought a commuter bike, an Avanti Blade 3 from Avantiplus in the Valley. Got last years model at a great price. However, as much as I love this bike and it was a good commuter it wasn't a great long distance rider. On my first (and only to date) 100kms ride from Brissie to Gold Coast I discovered a few issues I had to fix.…


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The transition from e-bike to me-bike

I mentioned before, I took up biking again after a considerable break for several personal reasons. One, to improve my fitness, two, to commute to work, three, to look super cool in some sparkling lycra. 

My fitness levels were very poor so, after nearly killing myself on my first commute and taking almost an hour to ride 12kms to work, I converted my Trek mountain bike into an electric bike. It's transformed the commute and is a wonderful machine. I love the feeling I get when riding…


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One year of ebiking

When I lived in the UK about 6 years ago I bought a decent mountain bike through the government's Ride to Work initiative. Essentially got it for half price. It was a Trek 6300 hard tail. It was never used for commuting and it has never been on a mountain.  

Then I moved to Oz and brought it with me and a year ago I decided I was going to start commuting to work from Lutwyche in the north of the city to Woolloongabba in the south. About 11kms. However there were a couple of uphill…


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Ebike tour update Part 2

Day 5 Wednesday 18th Nov

Day trip to Noosa

Noosa was about 22km from Coolum so I only needed 2 batteries for the day trip as I'd proved I could get 35-40kms out of each one on the fully laden bike. Checked both batteries were fully charged and after a dawn swim, rubbish Macca's breakfast I set off. It was a beautiful day, sun was shining, bike was performing like a dream. The road was a bit hilly but no problems with my Ebike with a motor. With the power level on 3 I sped off. Took… Continue

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Ebike tour update

The short tour on my ebike is nearly over. Thought I'd do a quick update. I'll do a full blog with pics when I get back

Day 1: Saturday 14th Nov.

Set off from Brisbane about 8:00am heading to Caloundra where I'd arranged to stay at a friends place. Google maps said it was about 104kms. I had 3 batteries with an 'estimated' range of up to 120kms so was about to test how accurate my calculations and estimates were. About 30 mins into my journey the heavens opened and it stayed… Continue

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Ebike Touring prep

My first ebike tour starts next week. I built myself a spare battery from old recycled laptop batteries donated by work during a tech refresh. Managed to get nearly 100 good 18650 cells and wired them in 7p13s config. Estimated 720Ah of power. Along with the original 480ah battery I estimate the range to be over 100kms. More than enough to last me all day every day.

I have 2 routes planned, one 320kms and one 500kms. I'll see how I get on and will work out if the 180kms additional leg…


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My daily commute

I commute from the north of the city to the south every day, Lutwyche to Woolloongabba between 10 and 14 Kms depending on the route. 1/3rd of the trip is on bike paths, 2/3rds on roads or footpaths.

I can do almost all of the trip on the roads but its very risky at peak times. The trip takes around 40-45 minutes normally, around the same as a bus journey. If I risk life and limb it take around 30 minutes, same as the car in peak times.

In summary, the bike paths are great, I…


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