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Traffic Always Increases with Time - Dave's Law

So, have You ever worked out how many times you have travelled to work or wherever - I have. Over the years, since I moved into the house I currently live in, I have travelled into the Brisbane CBD where I work, by train or foot or bicycle for around two trips a day, five days a week, 48-weeks a year for twenty-two years now. That's 480 trips per year less a few days for public holidays and other days when I couldn't be bothered to turn up. All up, I've walked and sat on the train or…


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Brompton Road Trip to Straddie

I thought I would cross post this here because it would be of interest to many. From a bicycle rider viewpoint, North Stradbroke Island is very accessible, inexpensive and a great place to ride whether you are on a hybrid, road bike or mountain bike. There is a fairly decent road shoulder exists across the island and there are many off-road paths and beach riding opportunities too. It's easily doable as a day trip and there is plenty of accommodation there for overnight stayers. It was clear…


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CityCycle ... CityCar??

I was doing a bit of crystal ball gazing over my morning cuppa after reading the news. It seems that someone in the world thinks that France falls out of love with the car. I'm not sure of that because like most other economic things, car sales are cyclic and just when we think we have reached peak car, sales take off again. We've seen it all before. In any case, there are a few…


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Secret Ways

This started out as some maps to get from the Kedron Brook Shared Path to Ferny Grove Railway Station dodging as much traffic and hills as possible, but my map embedding fails me tonight. It makes me wonder though, we all must know secret ways near where we live ... maybe there is a place for a group so we can all know the secret ways of Brisbane

Anyway, since my embeds failed, here's a picture (the green dashed line is the best way I reckon)…


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Pedestrian Crossings Have Instructions

I noticed this last week. I must have seen them before but, last week, it registered in my head - pedestrian crossings have instructions!

This particular one also has a sign seeking to ban the 'government' spraying us from commercial jet aircraft with mind altering chemicals - I thought surely my aluminium foil hat would protect me from that ... but maybe that's what they want me to think ;)…


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Bogus Monkeys

Having seen a number of us with flashing leds on their bicycle wheels, I thought to myself "eh, that looks impressive" so I went out and bought some real Monkey Lights - just the little ones. I would like to have got the big ones but they cost a lot more and I didn't really think anyone wanted to see my face pictured in led lights going round and round with my wheels.

Anyway, being somewhat of a electronics geek (it's sort of…


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Unsynced With the Universe

The Universe and I have not been in 'sync' much lately. Life happens like that sometimes. Vey busy where I work and it's nearly winter, which I don't like much, not because of the cold so much as because most of the daylight has disappeared and I have to leave home in the dark and get home in the dark. It's not all bad though, because the vicious bike hating ducks of Kedron Brook never attack attack at night, and luckily Dash the Possum only has eyes for Big Steve.

Anyway, I reckon I've… Continue

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Fred Birchmore

“For me, the great purposes in life are to have as many adventures as possible, to brighten the lives of as many as possible, and to leave this old world a little bit better place.”
- Fred Birchmore

With all this recent discussion about road manners and such, I am reminded of Fred Birchmore, who, in some histories, was the original… Continue

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The People's Cycling Republic of Queensland

This is a strange tale, but true, and I was reminded of it when I forgot my 'see-me-from-low-earth-orbit' flags while out recumbenteering the other day, and wondered how good and visible it would be if I were to embroid my own People's Cycling Republic of Queensland flag to fly above the trike.

The Bridge at Rhodes Some months ago, last winter as it happened to be, I was in… Continue

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Stuff That Comes Into Our Lives (And Stuff That Goes)

Resonator Guitar So why the picture of the new resonator guitar? Well, apart from my wanting to show it off, it's almost two years now since I inadvertently left my garage door open and some needier folk than I relieved me of the burden of owning a 29'er mountain bike, an electric bike, two guitars, a ukelele and an iPhone. Anyway things come into your life, and things leave, and that's… Continue

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When Wildlife Turns Bad

As I sit here under the back porch of my secret lair (somewhere in the hills north-west of Brisbane), slurping coffee in the mild morning sun, I am able to reflect calmly on the previous days happenings.

And it happened yesterday that I was subject, while innocently cycling to work, to numerous unprovoked attacks on and around my person by the local wildlife. Now I don't usually get harassed by magpies and other birds as such (except the ducks of course), and I like magpie songs, a… Continue

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Accidentally Lidless Again!

I was trying to do a myriad of things on the way out of the house this morning - get the bike out, check the tyres and brakes, put the world’s fiercest parrot out, feed the world’s fiercest parrot, pack the pannier, rush, rush some more, run out of time, go, go, go ...

So I take the bike down to the road - I live on a hill above the road you see - and off I ride. I’ve got jeans and a shirt on (my now standard winter haute couture when commuting), but…


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How To Ride A Bike (in 1869)

I'm a little grumpy today as I didn't get to go the Pushies Galore swap meet thingy, and I had been waiting all year to go there.  So when I got to sit down for a while, I thought I'd burn off some grumpiness (if there is such a thing as burning off excess grumpiness) and I went to TROVE and started editing old newspaper stories about bicycles in Australia (I do that sometimes).…


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I Wish I Had A Bike When I Was In Sydney

I recently had some ‘best-manly’ duties to perform in Sydney. I’ve been to Sydney a few times, sometimes as a tourist and sometimes for work. Usually when I visit towns and cities, I walk around them because, in my most humble opinion, it is the best way to explore places. All cities are slightly different in culture I think, though the layout of most Australian CBD’s are the same - romanesque where the streets are usually squared like an Imperial Roman Legion had built the place (and…


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This Is What Happens When It Gets Quiet Here

It’s been fairly quiet on this site lately.

No doubt you have forgotten that I did warn you that if quietness were to re-occur here, then I would once again take up the ‘blogging quill’ until the silence was filled - and you will come to realise that you would most likely have been happier if I didn’t empty my mind into a blog anywhere near you.

And so ... 

Parts of the Kedron Brook Shared Pathway…


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Pirates, Phone Zombies and Blind Corners

THIS rant has really nothing to do with pirates, but next Monday is “INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY”, the event of which I have been celebrating for many years now. It’s easy really, just spend the day talking with a Cornish accent, and say ‘arrgh’ and ‘me hearty‘  a lot. Incidentally, nobody actually knows why movie pirates talk with a Cornish accent - maybe because they have seen…


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When Velocipedeans Travelled Our Roads

Sometimes I go searching for old stuff left behind by history, maybe because a lot of the things I grew up with, and am comfortable with, are becoming part of that ‘stuff’ left behind by history.

Newspaper reports casting cycling in a less favourable light than we might like are perhaps a recent occurrence. Now, stay with me here because this tale eventually gets around to things cycling related.  Anyway, this all started when I read a book called “…


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‘Genchi Genbutsu’ - Go to the Source

My Japanese is really sus’ but the above translation is good enough for this story, though I think an apt Australian translation might as well be ‘don’t die wondering - go and find out for yourself’. And so it started. 

I’m not a big fan of winter, but these are wonderful days. My house is build all wrong though, tucked up into the south side of a hill and facing south. Perhaps ironically then, in mid-winter, the sun is low enough in the sky that it shines in under the eaves of…


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150 YEARS ON A TRIPLE - A long winded blog about a date with destiny

I’ve been curious about tandem bicycles for a while now. A long while ago, I came across an advertisement for a used triple for sale in Sydney. So I thought, if some is good, perhaps more is better - I need a triple! Then I started thinking about logistics -  how to get a bicycle, that measured over three metres end-to-end, from Sydney to Brisbane, without without spending more on getting it to Brisbane than the cost of buying the bicycle. Never mind that, I thought - just details to work…


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