I've a Bob trailer, very easy to trail behind my heavy-duty Cannondale tourer, but tricky to park - I use a parking brake, ie, shock-cord brake lever restraint, and tedious in tight situations. So I usually do my shopping in a few trips, F&V shop then supermkt, rather than one go. But most folk aren't so close to local shops. Anyone with more positive trailer experience or advice?

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The Bob, with only one wheel, is very easy to ride with, you hardly feel it except for weight. Parking it is the trick, my 'parking brake' and prop stand do the job, but a bit inelegantly. Panniers, as Ian said, can make handling difficult, with the rear end less stable than it should be and too light at the front by comparison - front panniers takes care of that but by then you have a very serious touring style rig.

Putting a Bob trailer on a 3 speed should not be a problem. Putting one on a very light road bike might be. The heavier the bike itself, the less difference the trailer makes to the whole rig, so your cruiser style bike would have no trouble. Gearing for getting up a hill like Camp Hill (Old Cleveland Rd) might not be quite enough, but you don't have such a hill from what you say.


  the main problem I have had is security, people see a bob and are curious and it is if it legitimises them to see into your shopping. Be sure to secure your gear. it is awesome for larger shops. just get a flag if you are keen to be seen. In the event you wanna trial one, my is just sitting in the room. yours to borrow...


 I dont have a MTB at the moment so it is awaiting a trip to the Sunshine Coast or Adelaide. ie with a MTB. 

I've been considering a trailer for some time but haven't yet had sufficient need. For most of my shopping needs I just pick stuff up at the shops near work and use a backpack to get it home on my road bike. That's fine for all my day-to-day needs, but if I need to get a lot of stuff I'll take my other road bike with panniers. The panniers and rack can carry quite a lot, but the handling gets pretty scary when fully loaded. Manoeuvring the bike (e.g. to park) when reasonably loaded is also tricky — the bike develops a great affinity for the ground. I can imagine a trailer would get pretty awkward to manoeuvre in those kinds of situations; I must admit I hadn't really thought about that much before.

Have found the bob great for stability and down hills just watch shared paths with bollards

in the way. 

I take a couple of routes commuting back and forth to work and fortunately both take me past a woolies, and I'm only doing shopping for 2 so I stick to panniers, as long as I keep on top of the shopping I don't find it a problem, however getting 5-10kg bags of rice, palates of tinned tomatoes and cartons of beer is not really an option. So when I'm doing a big shop the car gets broken out... 

Unfortunately the car is now broken, so a trailer maybe in order for big shops, and beer runs! 

Stability wise I got the Topeak Super Tourist, so I can put the panniers lower down, but it did take some getting use to, the front of the bike feels very light when its heavily loaded.

FWIW I find a (single) carton of beer is fairly easy to carry by breaking it down and putting two six-packs in each rear pannier. It's enough to have a noticeable effect on handling, but not as bad as with a second carton on the rear rack (secured with a bungee cord or two) — for that the rear tyre really needs to be fully inflated, too!

The solution to the light front with a heavy load at the back is front panniers.  Years ago when I went cycle camping, I found that a six-pack in one front pannier neatly countered the weight of the stove and fuel in the other.  You get an amazing feeling of stability and weight with front panniers - a bit like riding a CityCycle, really.

Makes sense, just not very convenient for commuting, too many bags to pull on and off. I did hear that putting panniers on the front of the bike made the steering very heavy as well. 

I would like to do some bike touring at some point (need to convince the girlfriend that this is a good idea) at which point front panniers are likely to be purchased and a handlebar bag, and a light weight tent and... (the list goes on!)

Just catching up with my morning blogs and found this probably very expensive set-up:


I have a Bob Cos trailer. Same hitching method, just a big, lidded plastic box on a chassis rather than the more up-market Yak. Parking is easy with a kick stand as long as it's a good quality one that fits near the rear drop-outs. The ones that fit near the bottom bracket are as good as useless when there's any load at the rear of the bike.


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