Looking to get a bike for my partner and we saw this one at the weekend. That was at epic cycles.

We had a look in New Farm Bikes but Sall didn't get a good vibe from the place and whilst the bikes may have been better (certainly more expensive) I don't think she liked the styling as much.

So what do people think of the Live 2 Mixte? Worth the monies?

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Ultimately, if she likes it and has test ridden it and is happy then what's to argue, really?

If it was for me or my wife, I wouldn't buy it for the following reasons:
- its not actually very cheap for what you're really getting
- it has no integrated lights for that price!
- the posture will not be particularly upright with the threadless non-height-adjustable stem
- I can guess the posture will be wrong as they need a saddle with a hole for the 'sensitive bits'. If you sit properly on a saddle on an upright bike, only your is ischial tuberosities should make contact
- why does it have such a useless chain guard given that it has a hub gearbox? It should be fully enclosed!
- front racks attacked to forks have limited utility. Heavy objects in them upset steering so their use is restricted.
- you can't put panniers on that front rack
- no rear rack for panniers (which is where I'd want them)

But again, that's just how I'd look at the bike... given you asked! ;)
Also, no built-in lock.
No skirt/coat guard

thanks paul!

After speaking to sally she doesn't like skirt/coat guard! Apparently they look crap :O We'll give it a try out on saturday see what the ride is like, and I bring along some heavy stuff to put in the front rack to see how it performs (I hadn't thought of that)

The chain guard is annoying. it seems such a shame that it doesnt make use of a full one.

I do have a spare rack for the back (black with a built in DLock) and there is the mounting points for it on the bike. 

Though looking at the cost of an Azor Omafiets... 


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