Hi All, 

I'm considering getting a cargo bike as a "2nd Car" option and I was wondering if anyone had one and/or had any recommendations.

There were a lot of reviews in the RideOn magazine but if anything I'm spoilt for choice.

My main driver is to take 2 (small) kids with enough space for some shopping/bags (either in the cargo box or on panniers...

Thanks in advance.


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I haven't got one, but the Bakfiets.nl look cool. http://dutchcargobike.com.au/azor-bike-bakfiets-cargo-bike-classic/


I think I need to get child/children before I can justify getting one though!

I think I might have spotted you once riding along the coro drive bike path or someone with a similar setup.

My kids are a little younger, I have one turning 3 this year and the other turning 1. I have a trailer at the moment but I haven't really liked using it and was looking at other options.

Thanks for the info I'll check it out.

+1 to the advice from Naomi. I wish I had gone for a 'proper' cargo bike but instead have a regular bike (Giant Suede+ electric kit) with all sorts of extra bits and pieces to (try to) do the same job. At the time the cost of a dedicated cargo bike was out of the question for me, nevertheless what we've got now works OK (heavy duty rack with double panniers, light weight towing bar for helping 6yo up the steepest hills, a mid-mount seat for 2yo and sometimes a front basket). I use a kid trailer for hauling groceries if it's an especially large shop but I'm thinking of getting a Burley Travoy to combine with panniers so I can ditch the kid trailer. 

If I was choosing again I think I'd go for a Workcycles Fr8 (like this or this) with the long rear rack, and the child saddle at the front (I love riding with a kiddo up front) plus a sturdy front rack. I like that is has a step-through frame (it's a PITA getting onto a heavily laden bike with a high top tube and a kid seat on the back - depends how limber you are I suppose ;-) Oooh, and most importantly for the Fr8, there's a lovely red one. The cost doesn't seem OTT to me either...

*Edit: here's a Fr8 with a Yepp mini up front (I think)

A Yuba Mundo or an extracycle look good too but I haven't lusted after those in the way I have the Fr8...

I like to keep the bike itself as compact as possible but this could just be because I'm not a very experienced rider. I also like a kid up front as everything balances and handles better IMO. Having said that, it would be kind of nice just to be able to chuck anything in a 'box' bike. And it's also easier to add rain protection for the kids. The wooden ones just look so uncomfortable for a bub under 1... or do you put a car seat in there?


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