Work approved my 6 weeks leave - 43 day holiday!!

So here is what we are looking at.

Open to suggestions still. We haven't booked any accom yet.

33 days planned riding. Not including incidental riding we are averaging 39km a day riding. Pretty nifty.

Planning to mix up accom between private room backpackers (e.g. Base), camp grounds, freedom camping and hopefully a farm house or two.

Now that I have my bike and getting the feel of her, I am even more excited.


New and improved plan (for the South Island only so far - will look up North tomorrow but have a fair idea already - just need to connect the dots).

So since we would be getting back the week before Christmas, I think we should stay on till work returns after New Year so flying home on the 2nd or 3rd of Jan. This gives us some extra time to enjoy the North and not rush the South.

Number of Days





Links to trails

Extra cost


Arrive in Queenstown

We’ll prolly arrive late afternoon


Pick up bikes, do a short day trip / explore

Lake Hays Circut

Round Trip Queenstown

Getting our legs



Lake Wakatipu Ride and Jacks Point

Round Trip Queenstown



Camping practise

Milbrook Countryside Ride

To Arrowtown



Camping practise

Arrowtown to Gibson Ride

To Gibson



Return to Queenstown shopping for stuff we forgot and food etc

Overnight in Queenstown



Alexandra (bus)- Lake Roxborough Dam (connects to next trail)

Roxborough Gorge Trail

Overnight in Roxborough Dam area


plus $95 boat ride down the river


Roxborough Dam - Lawrence (connects to next trail)

Clutha Gold Trail

Overnight in Lawrence



Middlemarch - Clyde

Otago Central Rail Trail

Overnight in Clyde after trail



Queenstown Trail our own steam to join 

Clyde - Cromwell - Gibston Queenstown Trail



Return to Queenstown shopping for stuff we forgot and food  and rest days etc

Overnight in Queenstown


Millfordsound Day trip or maybe ON - as yet undecided


Mt Cook - Oamaru

Bus to Mt Cook and start Alps to Ocean Trail

In by 3pm for bus to Christchurch or ON in Oamaru (arrives in Christchurch at 6pm)


 Includes helicopter flight $125 (or we start lower down)


Rest day, restock and explore Christchurch


Hamner Springs - Hire Car?

St James Cycle Trail w a picnic (15km homestead trail) Bus then 13km ride to trail then back again - or maybe we hire a car?

Return to Christchurch

There is a two day version, but I don’t think we will be experienced enough to ride it - we’d also have to hire an extra bike each for the trip - includes carrying your bike through a river!



Train to Nelson

Overnight in Nelson


Nelson -Wakefield - Woodstock - Motueka - Kaiteriteri return - Mapua - Nelson

Great Taste Trail (Nelson/Tasman)

Overnight in Nelson or if early enough coach to Picton and ON there before ferry to Wellington


Train to Nelson $81

32 days South Island


Hi Everyone

After some research I have decided to put a tentative plan together. This follows on from my original post here.

Rather than doing some longer trips and lots of road riding, I've put together riding the South Island Cycle Trails.

I'm thinking about starting in Christchurch.

So plan is as follows:

Day 1 Arrive Christchurch - set up bikes - pick up hire gear etc.

Day 2 Take train to Nelson and go for a test ride

Day 3-7 Ride the Great Taste Trail with the day trip to Kaiteriteri.

Day 8 Take train back to Christchurch - sight see

Day 9 Take the Bus to Mt Cook Village

Day 10-16 Ride the Alps to Ocean Trail (including catching the helicopter across the river with our bikes)

Day 17 Oamaru to Alexandra

Day 18 Ride the Roxborough Gorge Trail

Dary 19-20 Ride the Clutha Gold Trail

Day 21-25 Ride the Otago Rail Trail

Day 26-27 Ride down to join the Queenstown Trail from Clyde to start of the trail at Gibston

Day 28 Ride the Arrowbrook Bridges Trail Gibston to Arrowtown

Day 29 Ride Country Side Path Arrowtown to Queenstown

Day 30 Ride Jacks Point Path Return to Queenstown

Day 31 Explore Queenstown

Day 32-33 Trip to Milford Sound

And here we have the problem. We only have a month and we haven't even hit the north island yet. I think we'll have to bypass the first ride our of Nelson, even though it's a good starter ride for us to get our bikes, riding and camping down. The alternative is to start in Queenstown with some easy overnight trips close to amenities, then head north vs the current south swing in which case we'd finish with the Alps to Ocean ride then head to Christchurch.

Open to suggestions.


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Definitely take those zip ties.  A few short ones and some long ones if you have space.  They got me out of a fix on a recent (my first) long bike trip.  If you're not going to be near urban areas all the time, perhaps pack a small tube of super glue.  The sole of one of my shoes came away on day one - fortunately I wasn't out in the sticks so I picked up some glue and did a quick repair job.


Added it to my list

Also realised I forgot spare spokes and a spoke wrench, and bike lube.

Oh my.

I put all my bike stuff together last night - eg spares and tools. Eff me. Sitting next to it was all my camping gear.

I can't think how I can reduce my packing at this stage. Why is everything bicycle so weirdly shaped?


Bike has been boxed. 

Last couple of items picked up.

Panniers packed.

It's on.

I will be vlogging (hopefuly) via tiny.cc/dtnzb

Expect mucho pics, tweets etc.


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