Hi all

I thought I would share what I learnt.

I've blogged about it on my blog here and you can see footage, photos and my travel vlog here on youtube.

However some quick must packs:

Reimanns 10 hour sun block: Put it on in the morning – done. So easy. My travelling partner had to reapply every 2-4 hours and was always digging her sunscreen out of her packs. She also used almost two full bottles. I used 2/3 of one bottle. While it is a tad expensive, it’s totally worth it. Given that the sun was up till 9.30pm, having a long lasting sunblock was great.

VivoBareFoot Ultra Shoes: These weigh almost nothing (lighter than thongs) yet cover the whole foot like a sneaker (with big holes in the top/sides) and are fantastic for camping (night time bathroom tracks, showers), perfect for stream fording, stream bathing and such a break for the feet after a day in the shoes I packed for cycling/walking. I used the neoprene inserts when I rode in the rain so while my feet did get wet, I still had dry socks and shoes in my panniers.

MSR HubbaHubba: I did some research and just about everywhere on the web said this was THE tent. I can confirm, it is THE tent. I went with the two person version and very pleased I didn’t get the single. It meant I could dry things overnight in the tent with me, no claustrophobia, easy clothing changes etc. This tent is SO easy to put up and pull down. Tent would be up and I’d be gone while other people were still trying to set up their tents. It also dealt with 43km hour winds and insane gusts that sounded like freight trains coming through the trees. It dries super fast so long as there is a breath of breeze and a little bit of light. It’s also incredibly light. I didn’t use the MSR ground sheet designed for this tent. I’m pleased I didn’t, as it meant I had a small landing off the grass for panniers or my knees. The only thing to beat my tent was my bike, which got blown over by the wind and broke one of my poles – but the tent came with a repair piece and my tent wasn’t out of action at all.

Solar panels: Fantastic for charging my mini charge stick. This meant I always had power. Only once in poor weather did my phone almost die as my Mophie was sucked dry and I couldn’t get enough sunlight to recharge the stick. On the back of my bike, next to my tent, on a picnic table – anywhere and everywhere – awesome. I would recommend buying a decent quality one, as the one I had was a tad heavy (it was a loaner and less weight would have rocked).

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Good tips Taezar - I like the funky shoes.

Did you use any particular shoes for riding?

I rode and walked in these. Also super light and breathed really well. They also had great traction when I was pushing my bike up trails.

They were the only two pairs of shoes I packed.

I really loved the Ultras. I never had a stubbed toe, tripped over a thong etc. I am wearing them here too, no insert though for rain shoes while I am riding with my work shoes in my panniers.

Thanks - I'm after a new pair of shoes to commute in during the warmer months where I'm not wearing my work pants / boots.

ohhh men's ones on sale too - here.

Thanks Tae. I read about that tent a while ago. Back then it and the Macpac Apollo got good reviews.

Great tips for shoes and sunscreen. Thanks.


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