I'm planning a week long camping tour of SE Queensland later this year on my Ebike. It's a Trek 6300 I've converted and modded for touring. See attached photo. Looking to do about 60km to 80km per day and do a circular route from Brisbane up the coast to Noosa then inland and back down through Esk along the lakes. The obvious main issue I have concern for is battery range and charging points along the way. I'll probably buy another battery to ensure I have the range I need. Has anyone on the forum got any experience of Ebike touring they'd like to share.

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Have a look at some of the ride reports / blogs from http://glowwormbicycles.com.au/e-bike-reviews-and-rides for tips ?

Short answer to your question is - yes, I do. 

Most public parks with a permanent structure also have some sort of exterior powerpoint. You can charge there for an hour while enjoying lunch. If you want to stay at a powered caravan / camping site and charge overnight then just mention you need to connect a regular 240V 10A connection when making the booking. If it's a caravan park then they'll have the adapter behind the counter. Doing 60-80km is reasonable but I found about 50% of the day was travel and 50% was stops to look at things or have a bite to eat. Average speeds of 20kph are a good middle ground between travel time and battery consumption. If you want to go 60-80km/day then factor in a total transit time of 8 hours per day (not that this is ebike specific). And 2 batteries is a good idea if you want to play the just-in-case card.

Looking at you bike.... a dual kickstand is pretty handy and with touring gear it'll make parking the bike anywhere a lot easier. You won't have to worry about the bike falling over and if you tent it up at night the bike can form part of your vestibule structure. If you want one then expect to pay about $100. It might say it's good for 50kg or so but I've had closer to 100kg of weight sitting on one for a fortnights travel without issue.

Puddle Jumper thanks for the insight. Some great tips. Appreciate it.

If you reply to this thread I may not see it very quickly but if you PM me then (I think) it emails and I'll see that same day at least, just in case you want to ask any more questions.


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