Well it seems very quiet here on the MTB forum. I just joined the other day, and did just reply to a post here dated back in April I think. So being August, he has probably already made a decision. 

I have been mountain biking since 2012, and at 56 almost 57, my old Merida 26" hardtail is getting a little dated. I just got back from Queenstown where I did some snowboarding, you can imagine how that went! Still nursing a bruised tailbone. What really caught my eye was the number of mountain bikes in Queenstown, and trails around there. More so when the snow melts on mountains like Coronet peak. Just type in rude rock mountain biking into you tube for an example!  So time for an upgrade. Where I am confronted with the dilemma of 27.5 or 29er. It used to be 26" or 29er, now there is another player in the mix! When I first got into mountain biking, 27.5 was around, but hadn't taken off at that point.

So which do I buy this time. It will be a full suspension this time. I am leaning towards a 27.5 due to me being only 5'9", 175cm. I do have friends in Townsville who ride up at Pallerenda, and they are shorter than me, and ride 29ers. They do look a little small for them, but rride them well.

Happy to hear any imput on the subject of 27.5 and 29ers. I am leaning more towards XC these days, but still enjoy a bit of DH occasionally. 

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Hi Stuart, you're sort of at a mid size. Honestly, I think you could go either way. I like my 29er, but I'm taller than you. 27.5s aren't really that size, they are closer to 28. The idea for them was originally put forward by a European designer using the 650B wheels but it didn't catch on. That was until a short Swiss rider wanted to ride a 29er but Scott couldn't get the frame to work for him. They made him a bike using 650B (27.5) wheels that fitted him. His name is Nino Schurter he has won multiple world championships, and so 27.5s were popularised.

I think test ride couple and choose the one that feels most comfortable. I'm sure you'll enjoy which ever you choose. Malcolm

Thanks' for getting back to me Malcolm. I'm pretty much sold on a 27.5. I have looked at a lot of comparisons on you tube and other web sites. Surprisingly enough a friend of mine has a 27.5, and he said I am welcome to borrow it any time. I will take him up on the offer, as well as trying a 29 out just to see. Not knowing anyone close by to borrow one, I may just hire one for a couple of hours to get the feel of one. I may surprise myself. 99 bikes may have one for me to try as well. I am a member since back when I bought the 26 hardtail.                                                   Again, thanks for the help. Stu.


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