I give up, they win....

I had a letter for the majority of 2013, it was so nice to be able to ride.  Yea, i got pulled over so much i threatened an injunction against them. I was never pulled again till after December when my letter expired.  It wasn't fun anymore. Ticket time...      

I tried for 3 years in vain to get another letter,  but the contact i had ignored me.   Every single doctor i went to locally told me to wear the damn thing.   so after 3 long years of trying, I finally gave up and sold my bike.   It was a 1300 dollar paperweight I sold for 200 dollars.  i quite loved riding that bike.     

Oh well,  good luck.   recommendation; if you have someone as willing to help the cause, especially in remote areas, might be a great little shove in the right direction to help them attain a letter. I would have paid,  hell i  would have met face to face... hopped a plane to bris, still cheaper than a couple fines....      

bike would be very handy as I'm starting uni in a week full time, alas, I'm ute bound now.   (fuel costs)

farewell all,   fight the good fight,  I tried,  but i lost to f*cking much money, not worth it. 
I hold no hard feelings, just wish i could have gotten or maintained my letter status, and i would have been a riding beast. 

it did help me stop smoking and would have been great for the recovery of my broken leg. 

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