There doesn't seem to be much posted lately in helmetless. Is less happening or is everyone too busy elsewhere like me and no-one has enough time to write about it as much?

I've found that police are mostly just ignoring me lately. Until tonight. Two motor bike cops passed me without comment until I passed them at traffic lights just as it went green. His tone was quite reasonable and friendly with him saying he didn't want to give me a hard time but was concerned about my safety. He clearly didn't want to listen my side of anything against MHL & bike helmet effectiveness. First he questioned me about why I held my bike pump poking out from my handle bars as I passed parked cars while I stayed out of the door zone. He understood the 1m issue and accepted it. (Second time that's occured.) Then he pointed out the helmet law to which I replied "unless you have an exemption letter" so he asked to see it. He didn't seem impressed and asked about reasons for not wearing a helmet so I gave him a few general ones. He didn't seem happy at my general response to his general question and then asked for my specific reason which I pointed out is between my doctor & I, not him.

Eventually they went on their way but it left another bad taste in my mouth that they harass & won't listen to cyclists who are no harm to anyone else but they can't control the cars that are causing 1,300 deaths and 35,000 serious injuries every year.

Unfortunately I was unable to get another word in edge wise before he left because I really wanted to tell him that I understand he has a difficult job in many ways but if he is really so concerned about cyclists' safety then how about he concentrate on booking more motorists who create the major risk to cyclists in the first place. Also that according to CARRS-Q, there are five times more unlicenced drivers &/or unregistered vehicles on the roads than there are cyclists & those drivers are the ones who cause a high proportion of crashes.

I'm still video recording everything (including tonight's episode) but probably nine time out of ten the police just ignore me which is good. It's far better than when the LNP had their bikie crackdown and I often got pulled over, even twice in one day on 2 occassions and often by police who acted no better than bikies.

Tradies and lycra race riders, now their poor behaviour to no helmet is another story and doesn't seem to have changed for the better

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I personally always felt a little uneasy with the letter forcefield, so prefer to have a different strap buckle configuration depending on where I'm riding. Otherwise, I just haven't been riding a lot lately so haven't spotted many velocops. I also haven't frequented this forum much of late since I've probably said everything I can think of without repeating myself to comparatively nobody listening.

Anyway, it's most bizarre, isn't it? Their unions are always complaining about how they are overstretched and underpaid, yet management somehow finds time to allocate petty tickets? It doesn't make sense to me. If it were any other organisation, the CEOs would be fired for consistently returning poor value to shareholders.

But do remember how their recruiting and day job ("driving for 8 hours a day") works. Who entering the Force Service wouldn't get excited by powerful fast cars and firearms? Are these the same people who would ride a bike in a non-reckless manner here? Unlikely. It's all about thrills and danger (without helmets) - that's part of the fun and there's no use denying that.

I'll be visiting the west coast of America very soon for the first time and will be most interested in seeing whether they're as bad we hear they are in many aspects. Hopefully, I don't get shot - I won't be wearing a 'bulletproof' vest, so fingers crossed!

People who don't/can't ride bikes sensibly, or cannot entertain the idea of that will never understand and stay out of other people's business. It's convenient to deflect blame for incompetence by assuming all others are equally incompetent and will bump their heads. Similar detrimental overreach occurs with so many other topics in parliament, but it all doesn't matter to them because so long as they continue to get paid it's all good. There's very little incentive for them to improve communities and societies, not while they can merely pay lip service instead and look good at the top.

When nearly everyone is happy to drive around, sit on their couches, or binge drink alcohol and not worry about hitting one's head, not a lot of logic is necessary to feel above the rest.

I was riding on the Bicentennial Bikeway at peak hour last night heading towards UQ. 

I was passed by a knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, commuting cup, MGIF busy body who yelled abuse at me for being sans (legally) helmet.

This verbal barrage was directed at me as he passed me at high speed by a hair's breadth with oncoming riders approaching.

Ironic safety messaging, thank you sir, I suspect you probably had a bad day at work......although you could just be a dick. 


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