Hi All,

My Gazelle Innergy Battery has died and I'm not replacing it. (I've bought a Dyson Mixte instead). However, I had just bought a new charger for the Gazelle, used only TWICE before the battery died. I think this is what made me decide not to replace the battery and scrap the bike as the expense was mounting up.

Anyway, the charger cost me $230 on 3 Feb from Spokes in Melbourne. If anyone is interested, I'll sell it for $115 plus postage (say $16.00 for postage from Geelong). I'm happy to send you the receipt to show the purchase date. The item is:

1 Part Gazelle Charger Impulse/Innergy/XT/X2

If anyone is interested, send me a message.

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Hi I was wondering if it is still available as I’m interested Deb 


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