noun (from the German)
satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

A discussion devoted to gloating about cycling past traffic-jammed commuters in their cars.

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I thought that was just being a dad. ....

Lots of (motor vehicle) traffic lined up on Bowen Bridge Road inbound in the evenings lately:

Don't they know there's a wonderful tunnel they can use?

Yep, I got to ride inbound "taking it easy" on the path here this afternoon! Lots of traffic finding it difficult to cross the intersections given blockages on the other side heading towards and through the city. I'm sure everyone stuck in traffic saw me being lazy. ;-)

I cross the lights opposite the Cycle Centre. I make sure I look comfortable and relaxed (now on a recumbent) as I can feel all eyes on me, both waiting for the lights, crossing with all those pedestrians and then the stream of cars going North, outbound, as I pootle along the footpath.

.. or bicycles ...


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