noun (from the German)
satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

A discussion devoted to gloating about cycling past traffic-jammed commuters in their cars.

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I've thought a few times about starting a schadenfreude corner.  But riding in today on the Albion-Wooloowin Death Corridor convinced me.  There was a particularly pleasing queue of cars starting at Dickson St near Wooloowin station, which continued through to Hudson Road.

And on a more general note, isn't this a great week for cycle commuting, with dry days forecast through to the weekend.  Looks like I'll achieve 5 out of 5 days cycling this week.

lol. I was laughing about this, this morning.

I was cycling down Honour Ave at about 9:15 and it was backuped from the bridge all the way to Graceville train station. I haven't seen that long a queue there since DERM moved site.

It's much more enjoyable than it should be :D 

Looks like today was a pretty good Drive to Work Day for those of us who don't need to drive to work. Despite what rail/government officials might claim, I bet it won't be the last time this sort of fickle thing occurs. :)

Edit: Future reference:

I'm sure that it will all be sorted when the tunnels are completed, and we'll never have traffic jams again. ...

The Albion-Woolowin Death Corridor was pretty much a carpark around 6 p.m. this evening.  Cars were queued all the way along Dickson St and up Dawson St.  Also clogged on Kent Road.  No often you see that much congestion in the evening.  Needless to say, I enjoyed cycling up the Dickson St footpath, as the cages crawled along the road.

Lots of congestion in the CBD today just before 6pm. I don't think it's exactly like this every day, or I might have an inconsistent "schedule" with not noticing it on other days but for me it was good to see.

Saw a fair bit of micro road rage honking between drivers - I otherwise managed to stay well out of the way and for the places where I desired a "rush" (i.e., on road as opposed to footpathing it), executed perfect timing and lane changes with my well rehearsed local knowledge. ;)

Oh also, there was a driver in a van (wearing ridiculous headphones, but with the window down) getting worked up and starting to honk at the drivers in front of her for not occupying the KEEP CLEAR area so that she could squeeze into the side lane to save a few seconds having no doubt spent the past many minutes stuck in being traffic. It was the perfect opportunity to give her an unexpected explanatory serving of how she was wrong when she was about to rebut me. I probably didn't best represent being a passive (read: oblivious) "cyclist" but I don't think it really mattered (no obscenities).

Saw a lone velocop today just as I was leaving to work. I believe he was writing a ticket for an illegally parked car on the corner of a busy road.


Good. That's what such mobile police officers should be focussing on, rather than policing pedestrians and cyclists...

Story Bridge inbound during peak hour tonight grinded to a crawl slower than the walking people (on the separated path) due to a rear ender. I'd love to see someone try to explain how most rear enders are even possible if everyone (or even most drivers) simply stuck to the rule in following distance combined with sensible acceleration and early (as opposed to late) braking.

Wonderful opportunity this morning to watch the cars queued along Bowen Bridge Road headed southbound.  Almost made up for the frustration of waiting for the lights because they haven't opened the gates that will deliver the Ekka Ride.

I cycle along Lutwyche Rd (footpath) every work day. I looove seeing the cars all queuing very nicely whilst I potter on by. I secretly hope they are looking out their windows asking themselves if they should be doing what I am. (Didn't one of the ladies on this forum say the same just recently?)

Then in the afternoon they seem hell bent on getting home as fast as possible. What a pleasure it is rolling on past them stopped at the lights just before I turn off and head along Kedron Brook to look at the water and ducks followed by beautiful trees before arriving home a short time later.

Riding for 30 mins really isn't hard to do. More people really should just give it a go.

Thought this might be the place for this:

You know who you are...


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