Hi there, I have just arrived in Redcliffe from Tasmania and will be riding to work in the Brisbane CBD.  Any suggestions on a cycle route Cheers Scott

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Dirk is going to be your guy for this. He rides from Brighton/Sandgate every day.

Check out his route on Strava by joining Bris Cyclist group and look for D Nukem.

He'll prolly post here too.

Lots of members live out that way or do rides there.

I live in the Redcliffe area, and while I don't commute to the city I do go as far as Eagle Farm.  That's the easy bit I think.  I have done the trip into the city (with Dirk navigating) and there's a few vital turns I would have missed.  I can probably get the gpx track of that ride if you are interested.

How's your traffic tolerance?   Mine's low, and I use the Boondall Wetlands and Jim Soorely bikeway and avoid Sandgate Road and similar, although there are a lot of people who stick to the roads.  Wetlands/JSB will add about 6 km to the trip verses the roads.

G’day Scott. Welcome.

I can help you Sandgate to CBD. You’ll have no issues Redcliffe to Sandgate. I usually stick toward the coast when riding through Redcliffe, but some of the main roads are OK too depending on the time of day. James knows that area much better than me. You likely already know about the excellent pedestrian/cycleway across the new bridge linking Redcliffe and Brighton.

From the southern end of that bridge, ride south along the coast and then link up with one of my routes discussed below:

In terms of Sandgate to CBD, there are a few options which vary in directness and stress (inversely related). The route I take is around 30 km. Two thirds of it are just brilliant. Flat, quiet pathway through peaceful wetland and open grassland.

It only becomes unpleasant for the final third of the journey, through Wooloowin and Albion, from Junction Road south to Le Geyt Steet. It is known colloquially by many of us as the Albion Wooloowin death corridor. In short, it is fairly narrow, full of parked cars, rat runners, and the surface is highly variable. It is the council-recommended route however, and by far the most direct connection between the CBD and north-eastern suburbs.

Here is the route I usually follow inbound:


I find it not too bad inbound if you don’t mind riding fast, have a mirror, and you’re passing through prior to around 7:30 AM. The earlier you go, the safer it is.

Outbound is a bit more tricky, mostly because the AWDC is uphill so you’re moving slower and are more at the mercy of traffic.

Sometimes I follow the exact same route outbound; however, more often I change it very slightly to cross the railway line at Hudson Road and ride to the east of the railway line before crossing back over near Eagle Junction station. This way is generally OK – much lower volumes of traffic on a largely parallel road to the usual Dickson Street route, and a similar distance. Very occasionally you run into banked up traffic waiting to cross the railway line at Fraser Street, however you can pick your way around that.

If you’re heading north and want to take that route, there’s just a bit of a trick getting across Bridge Street safely, which is detailed on my map if you zoom in.


Detouring around the AWC then resuming the usual route at Toombul is a bit more mucking around, but it’s quite a bit more relaxing. Many of my fellow northside commuters use this variation:


There is detailed discussion on this variation on this thread:


You can take a more direct route, but I generally don’t prefer it. For me, after you factor in this route’s hills, traffic and lights, it results in harder work for only a very minimal time saving.


Sandgate Road is also an option, but peak hour traffic volumes render it pretty unsuitable for commuting. I’ve only ridden it very early in the morning on weekends as part of recreational rides.

Let us know how you go and if you've got any questions. Took me a week or two to find my way. Also let me know if you’d like to follow me one day – more than happy to help out.

Dirk's Definitive Guide of the North!

Excellent content. :)

Thankyou all for your great comment.  Nothing beats local advice and it will be great to ride with you at some stage.  I start work in the city and will begin to ride once we have settled into Redcliffe.  Dirk, your ride in looks great but it would be great to ride with you one morning to check out the tricky parts.  Do you ride in on Tuesday.  Cheers  Scott


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