Well with work moving I have to look for a new commute route again, I put this up on BNA as well as it is a bit out of the Brisbane area now :) 

Looking for input on traveling from Musgrave road in coopers plains to Holmview road Holmview.

This will probably be a few days a week to start off with, and maybe work in to a everyday thing.

Things to take in to account,

- I am slow 

- I prefer bike paths and peace and quiet 

- I am really slow

- I am on a recumbent trike, so I don't do stairs so well :) not impossible but I dislike them.

Thanks for any input, the last routes I was given on here where great !!

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Do you have a maximum distance limit?

It appears whichever way you go there'll be a lot of road, but not all of it has to be hectic.

To start off with , it will just be home ward bound so distance and time are not to much of a worry. 

I did a solo Brisbane to Gold Coast on G20 Friday last month in warm weather (tailwind, at 30-31°C?) on a Brompton with Marathon tyres and a full C bag (i.e., it was slow!). For that, after the termination of the SE Bikeway at Eight Mile Plains (near Logan Rd & Gateway Motorway), I went towards Karawatha on through Logan Central and Kingston. This differs to the typical B2GC roadie or closed-roads route through Underwood/Springwood/Slacks Creek. My route probably actually presented one of the nicer areas to roll through until I actually got closer to the Gold Coast proper, or Coolangatta! Mainly, this was because the section between Beenleigh and Coomera felt somewhat isolated (with 80k speed limits, but mostly wide enough shoulders).

I can say that for a Friday afternoon (which wasn't public holiday outside Brisbane), Nyanza Rd, Station Rd, Railway Pde and Jacaranda Ave wasn't too bad. It could have been my imagination, but I had a feeling (with help of mirror) that the drivers around that area are a little less zombie than the ones I see in Brisbane on similar roads. More skill and better judgement, basically - but your mileage may vary (experiment needs to be repeated). I don't recall there being too many door zones thanks to more parking being inside properties, and wider shoulders were as typical of spacious suburban areas. I probably pulled over a couple of times to let cars pass more easily, but I do that everywhere to get a reading of the situation ("if in doubt, wait").

Now that said, I'm not sure what your level of road comfort/experience is. I too prefer paths wherever available and will go the long way to seek them out and add in "free" mileage, BUT I'd also consider myself somewhat "confident" at controlling/manipulating traffic to just how I like it, if necessary. Still not fast though, unless it's downhill or I'm doing a short sprint to keep up with / get away from traffic. I guess the good thing about Coopers Plains to Holmview is that you can more or less find your way to a nearby train station (backtracking, if necessary) should you feel a bit in over your head at any point.

You're looking at Google Maps with the bicycle overlay yeah? I've disabled "Preview" view on mine and gone back to the old maps display - it seems to have a more functional cycling overlay that doesn't disappear with every few clicks.

N.B.: Karawatha to Kingston was the only section where I strayed away from the route (including some paths here and there) parallel to the Pacific Motorway. I don't know what Beenleigh Rd or Waterford West is like.

The Coopers Plains end looks okay in the non arterials, provided there aren't too many rat runners. I've also found Sunnybank to be fine - again, if you avoid the rat run routes that people use to get to the more lively areas.

Therefore, Coopers Plains/Sunnybank/Runcorn/Karawatha looks feasible (for me) as an alternative to Beenleigh Rd but it would probably take quite a while to not get lost.

I take it you're familiar with Waterford/Waterford West? I don't know it, but if it's particularly nasty thanks to limited options (70 zone and one main road for all?) - perhaps Daisy Hill/Shailer Park/Beenleigh *might* work. I'll need to look at Street View and my data again, so perhaps try the first aforementioned leg to see how it lines up with my reasonably comfortable experience. I'd of course suggest a separate Sunday ride to check the latter section out before committing - a bit out of the way should you decide to turn back towards Kingston station to get home. I think Eagleby was okay too, but it's already all a bit of a blur.

Let us know what you think. :]

That's pretty impressive Ray - on any Sunday hundreds head on up to Mount Coot-tha or round the River-loop or out to Redcliffe and that's a good thing but it's ordinary and mundane, but heading out of town on roads new to you ... that's impressive and admirable.

Apart from a bunch of Audax riders and a handful of others, we have become an ordinary and mundane people who think driving an air-conditioned car a long way is an adventure - hardly anyone anymore is game (or maybe has the time) to be extraordinary!

Be extraordinary - and to be extraordinary we must challenge ourselves and do extraordinary things ... good on you for that Ray!

Cheers Doc. I'm pretending to be modest as I managed to officially leave Queensland (momentarily) during G20 as a symbolic once-in-a-lifetime gesture - unless Brisbane decides to hold as many G20s as possible here on given its unanimous "success".

Admittedly, I saw the 130km Strava "Gran Fondo" challenge and figured heading to Tweed Heads would make the most of it, after considering but deciding not to do the official 2014 B2GC - besides, I'd get to traverse the full length of the Gold Coast right? Well It took far longer than expected since I was looking for safer waypoints (one of my favourite things to do on bike*), but I was in no hurry - I left just before 11am and arrived at the bus stop at Tweed Heads just after 9:30pm. Along the way I reminded myself a few times that there was no real reason to head to the nearest train station given that I still had plenty of time at the other end for the return trip, plus the body and mind felt good.

It was a slightly warm day with a light tailwind for which I was initially earmarking to make use of, 'till I noticed the long weekend forecast of a 40° Sunday! The sleep in for a late start was good for helping me avoid all of the full day's sun. So despite not being very experienced with using sun cream, I didn't get sunburnt - except again for a section of wrist where my watch sits.

Two rickety buses (very rough roads in motor city with all that traffic!) and a delayed train later, I got home not long after 1am. A memorable adventure it sure was! :)

* I mentioned I love finding new routes. It's because it feels like discovering secret shortcuts to make life easier. Anyway, before I set off I had some reservations about getting from Eight Mile Plains to Beenleigh, but as it turned out it was much better and more pleasant than expected - all-round there was just more space to use than suburban Brisbane and I do think the drivers there might be more attentive. The bit I disliked the most was Hope Island Rd on the Gold Coast itself. If I go that way again, I'd try a different road to reach the sea.

Ok, Finished the move at work... sorry for not getting back to you sooner  that move was a killer .

Raymond that is an impressive ride  !!

Going to try a few different routes next week while I am on holidays, get a feel for what I like .


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