I'm sure we all have one (or several).

What's your favourite place to sit down at the end of the ride, grab a nice coffee and and a brownie and talk crap about how "you had nothing in your legs today" with your riding buddies.

Spill the beans ;)

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Hey Damian,  the response was deafening ... so I'll chip in


For me Doug's Seafood Cafe at the southern end of Flinders Parade at Sandgate is a winner.  The coffee is great, the food is good and the service is fast.  Only downside is that it can get real popular so at some times you might have to order and wait for a table.



Slightly Twisted in Nundah Village. Their ice-coffee with a shot of Maple Syrup is so very nice. The share platters that they serve up are worth trying as well

Oh, I don’t have any riding buddies just yet, so I go there with the missus and tell her how awesome I am and about the time I owned another commuter LOL

I love Campos at The Valley. For the lighter bikes, they have the L hooks on the wall in the alley, and for the heavier bikes, there is a bike rack out the front of Fresh Fish Co (just next to the alley).

Never been there with another cyclist, but I see a lot of lycra there, and they have their own jersey.

Campos sponsor a team up here.

I've never liked their coffee. I used to live near the original Campos in Newtown / Camperdown in Sydney. Lots of people absolutely love it, but it doesn't do it for me. Different tastes :)


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