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Grasshopper mod

Started by David. Last reply by Randall Mathews 9 hours ago. 16 Replies

I have been considering modifying my HPV Grasshopper to under seat steering for ages, especially after owning the Greenspeed Anura trike. It was so comfortable.USS is an option for the GH, but a kit…Continue

Toowoomba Group Ride

Started by Melvyn Yap. Last reply by Peter Smith Jan 15. 54 Replies

There's been quite a few interest now to do a group ride from Brisbane to Toowoomba, so I think it's time to make this happen!To avoid spamming too much on the group front page, let's keep all the…Continue

On the Radio!

Started by Ken Stephens. Last reply by JamesD Jan 7. 5 Replies

Hi guys,I posted here a while ago looking for local highracers to have a gander at.I went ahead and imported an M5 M-Racer (hate the name, love the bike) and after learning to ride all over again I'm…Continue

Shimano trike

Started by Mark parsonson. Last reply by Kelvin Jan 6. 1 Reply

My wife & I have Greenspeed trikes on Bribie, a GTO and a GTS which we really enjoy. I was interested to see the link to a Shimano trike on Gumtree and might look at it for our grandkids. Anybody…Continue

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Comment by mib 9 hours ago

Peter, I have one of these I can loan you to try, if you would like.

Trisled open-cell seat pad

Comment by Stix 14 hours ago

The seat in my Peregrin on Birk is fixed.  The seat foam provides adjustment of the seating position. This works well.  The extra bits of foam that David is referring to is to move my shoulders forward so I can reduce the tiller in the steering.  This in turn reduces the turning circle diameter.  

Comment by Peter Smith 16 hours ago

Thanks for the advice guys. I think a visit to Clark rubber will be the go. Yes the seat is in a fixed position. I think I may also need to add a little lumber support as well, that's what Ben Goodall has in his RV.

When the thighs weren't burning, and the right leg was fully awake :-), the RV is pretty damn quick. 

Comment by Terry Burn 17 hours ago

I even notice a difference between the Greenspeed and the Mango.

I really notice it in the Mango lately as I haven't been riding it as often due to the heat, but the thighs are always sore for the first few rides in the Mango after a layoff!

Comment by Rhubarb 17 hours ago

Doesn't the RV have a fixed seat position?  If not, then recline it a little more.

Yes you will take some time to get the legs used to the different pedalling position, particularly with the extra weight.  I took 6 weeks.

Comment by David 17 hours ago

Well if the 40 k ride was today, you chose a hot one!

Prob a bit cooler by the water though. Shame about the twat in the Nissan. They are everywhere (Twats, not Nissans) ... you just don't know when or where they will show up.

I can only guess the leg issue will help to get sorted with some sort of bum cushioning and time. Try a few different things ... camping mattress foam pad, single/double layer, old cushion, etc until you find what works. Others here prob know more about that. I noticed in Stix bike he has various shapes and sizes of foam glued at various points for maximum comfort/support I guess.

Re 'bent legs .... Before I got my 1st 'bent, I'd read that it takes about 4 weeks to get conditioned. I thought as a regular (upright) rider It'd be more like 2 weeks. I was wrong. It was more like 6 weeks.

And every 'bent is different ... meaning the seat/bottom bracket height ratio ... even slight differences work the muscles differently. As I have several 'bents with different height ratios, I notice those that I am used to and those that I am not.

You have a 56 year old body Pete. Give it time to adjust to it's new mobile home :)

Comment by Peter Smith 18 hours ago

HI guys, I finally got the RV out for its first long ride. I went to Wellington Pt and back (I live in Wynnum) then along the Esplanade and up to home. A distance of about 40km.

One of things I have to do is find a place to put the Garmin Edge 500 GPS cycle computer where I can see it. The other is to remember to take a towel with me to wipe the sweat out of my eyes and clean my sunnies. I sweated buckets during the ride. So much so that I left a pool of sweat on the seat when I got out.

I will do a full and comprehensive report after a couple of weeks, but first impressions are, this is fun! Negatives so far are few. One issue that I do need to fix is that while I'm not having a problem with my knees hitting the cowling, my bum does get numb in the seat and my right leg is going to sleep. That is, there is some sciatic nerve pinching going on. As soon as I stop and get out it immediately goes away.

Any suggestions about dealing with this?

When Terry told me that I'd get some thigh burn on the trike due to different muscle groups being used cycling the RV, I didn't fully realise just how true that is. I'll get over this with more cycling.

The other thing is, yes, you do get lots of attention. It is a novelty. Only had one negative reaction from some idiot in a Nissan Patrol towing his fishing boat. It was on a quiet street in the back blocks of Wynnum. When he finally got past me after revving his engine behind me for a distance of about 70m, he yelled out something like"get the f... off the road". I just laughed. I was the one having fun, and he was starting his day with a downer attitude. Hopefully the fish weren"t biting. What a twat!

Comment by Aaron Ball on Friday
@ David : hybrid human/electrics could easily be produced at less cost than an automobile, but you're right about the infrastructure. All Australian States and territories have strict laws against transport option like this using the public road, unfortunately. All in the name of 'safety', on the basis that the vehicles would be dangerous (if it got run into by an automobile). Even production machines like the Renault Twizy would be outlawed.
Comment by JamesD on Friday

I was going to reply "done that", luckily checked the link and most definitely have not done that.

But did make my first one....

Comment by Geoff Tewierik on Thursday

You guys love your 'bents so much, start making your own...


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