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Started by Randall Mathews. Last reply by Peter Smith on Wednesday. 25 Replies

Has anyone wanted to take the recumbents to a velodrome?I find myself wondering what it would be like, and have never pursued it.A polished wooden one would be nice, but I think we only have the…Continue

Rotovelo Across Australia

Started by David. Last reply by Rhubarb on Tuesday. 2 Replies

I read this fellow's blog daily as he rode across Australia. Some of you may have read it already.I found it quite interesting. Short and sweet posts. Now he has video as well.…Continue


Started by David. Last reply by Kelvin on Tuesday. 1 Reply

This may be old news for members here, but I haven't seen it before. Well if I have it didn't stick in my memory anyway ...I don't normally like Jazz, but I like this music. Continue

Loving the Kotzur LWB

Started by David. Last reply by David on Tuesday. 14 Replies

It's been only 16 days since picking this bike up ... seems longer ... and I am absolutely lovin' it.Everyone should experience this comfort. It looks very weird but the ride is wonderful.…Continue

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Comment by Kelvin 9 hours ago

Mary, welcome, like yourself I'm new to the group as well and have been on two rides. As Aaron said, no one is left behind during the rides. I'm organizing a recumbent group ride soon, possibly in mid October, would be good if you can join us. 

Comment by Mary Martin 11 hours ago

Thanks all, your replies are amazing. It's one of those things that even before the experience you know it's a life changer. I do plan many adventures eventually as I have a great wall 4x4 dual cab set up for camping with a rack on the back that folds down from the tow bar that the recumbent can go on. This means that wherever there is cheap or free camping and great cycling tracks at some stage I will head there. Also I am having a sunroof of two of the lightest solar panels made for it by Ian Sims at Greenspeed.. Obviously not a racing bike.

Comment by Aaron Ball 14 hours ago

It's easy for us blokes to say whether you're a woman or a man doesn't matter, we are happy to ride with all and any 'bent riders.  (Heck, we even welcome upwrong riders along).  But from a woman's perspective, I guess it can be daunting being the only woman in a group ride.  All I can say is that it really is true, you would be most welcome, and you'd have a great time on one of our group rides.

Now I say 'our' group rides with a little bit of licence.  Because I haven't actually managed to make one for quite a while.  But I will, one day.  And I know all or at least most who go, and they're a lovely bunch of people.

Comment by Doc Embrey 16 hours ago

You know other Dave, not only do you ride faster than me, you type way faster than me too ;)

Comment by Doc Embrey 16 hours ago

Terrific news about the imminent delivery of your trike.

About there being few women with recumbents - well, true I guess. I remember seeing a lady on a Greenspeed with a tool box on the rack a few times in my travels around town. I didn't think "wow, a lady on a recumbent", I just thought "wow - someone else has a recumbent". There are not a lot of recumbent riders in Brisbane in any case. As far as the "blokeiness" of the group - meh (just turn up and their little 'boys club' will get busted up ;)

Not sure what my endurance capacity will  be

I've never been on a 'Bent ride where anyone was left behind to fend for themselves or ride alone. Get out on the paths on your trike and be seen. You will be noticed and I reckon admired for your attitude. Plant the "if she can I can" idea in the minds of others. Something I have found that stokes the fires of enthusiasm is to let people have a go - most of the time it works a treat.

'Blaze the trail' and be the role model - might as well be Mary as anyone else.

 Maybe, just maybe, your good self and Jane might become the inspiration other women and men need to get on a 'bent bike.

Comment by David 16 hours ago

I remember seeing a lady on a Greenspeed ...

Yes I saw her recently along Kedron Brook. Same. I was just happy to see a 'bent.

Comment by Mary Martin 16 hours ago

I am so looking forward to it so thanks David. Not sure what my endurance capacity will  be at this point so I will be testing it at first before I commit to any big trips.

Comment by David 16 hours ago

Are there really very few Brisbane females who ride recumbent trikes.

Hi Mary.

The more people see recumbents the more people will consider them, so why not get out and show it off? There's a nice bunch of people here, always keen to meet other riders.

I think we are just happy to see more riders in general, whatever the bike/trike/gender, as more numbers of people riding help make change for better infrastructure for riding ... and we all want that!

Comment by Mary Martin 17 hours ago

Hello again. It seems I maybe only one week off getting my Greenspeed trike. It has taken a while but I just know it will be a grand addition in my life.

Now here's the thing.

I signed up here because I loved the idea of being part of a group of like minded people. It has dawned on me that it really is a male domain. I am wondering why? Are there really very few Brisbane females who ride recumbent trikes. What do you think? Should I just slink away and powder puff the dust off that idea?

Comment by Melvyn Yap on Wednesday

David, the general rule of thumb is that an average elevation of less than 10m for every 1km is considered flat-ish. But of course this doesn't take into account the steepness of the terrain, which I assure you there's not more than two 10% climb in this ride ;)

Note: I've never done this ride myself but keen to do it this year. I expect my avg speed will be much lesser than the strava profile I posted.


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