Hello all,  

I am really looking for a trike as my hands and neck are getting progressively worse on my DFs....balance is not my strongest point and I tend to forget I'm clipped in so there's been more than a few times that I've just fallen over, hence, recumbent trike rather than bike.

In order to justify a trike purchase I'd really have to sell at least one of my bikes.  I did put my cube road bike up for sale with no takers.  I also built up a light touring/commuting bike build 18 mths ago in the hope of helping the neck issues which it did but still struggle on any ride over 4hrs.....I love longer rides in the mountains but I am not fast so 4hrs + is not unusual.

I would be happy to swap my light touring buildup for a trike of similar value if anyone is interested.  It's lovely bike, next step up would be custom build in reality.  Purchased from Boulder Cycles.  Specs are:

Frame: Soma Grand Randonneur frame size 49.5 lowtrail 650B V.1

Drivetrain: Full Ultegra 6700 triple 

Stem: Nitto Technomic Deluxe  (also have a nitto dirt drop stem)

Headset: Miche 1" needle bearing

Bars: Nitto Noodle bar

Brakes: Tektro canti's

F Rack: Nitto M12

Bag: Ostrich F104

Decaleur: Tenaka 

Seatpost: VO Grand Cru long setback

Saddle: can provide either selle anatomica black or brooks b17 (not broken in, couldnt get there...)

Wheels: custom build, velocity 650B A23 OC front and back, 32 hole. Chris King R45 hubs

Tyres: Pacenti pari-moto 38s (not had a single puncture....loads of miles left) and I also a pair of Hutchinson Confrérie des 650b 32s. really lovely rolling on both.

In this pic it's setup with the dirt drop stem which I swapped out for the technomic  stem as I needed the bars just a tad lower but still wanted option to raise some without major headaches...

If anyone is interested in the womens cube road bike 53cm let me know as well..

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Might be worthwhile having a look on ebay, gumtree and ozhpv.

Thanks Matt, keep an eye on both those sites. Posted on off chance someone was willing to do a swap...

Hi Jacqu.

I am selling 2 trikes (tadpole and delta) and 4 of my 2 wheel 'bents.

How tall are you? I may be interested in a swap if your Soma fits me. I am 178 cm.

My Trisled Gizmo trike is mentioned here: Gizmo

I'll send a friend request.

I might be interested in your gizmo regardless....


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