Hi Bent riders. I'm looking a buying a velomobile and I'm trying to decide which way I should go. I'd like to try a Rotovelo but I'd rather try and avoid having to go down to Melbourne. Does anyone in Brisbane own one I could try?

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Hi Bernard - Are you north side? I'm near the Nundah criterium with a Rotovelo you can test ride.

If you end up in the market for a second hand one, it really deserves more riding than I get out of it these days, so I guess it's available.


Hi Matthew

Yes I am; North West. Nundah isn't far for me. I'd love a do a test ride thanks! I'm also open to the second hand market. Sad to hear you don't ride it much. 

I'm not available next weekend or the one after. How are you positioned on the 8th and 9th of June? I'm also open to the idea on week days but fading day light may make it difficult. I finish work around 4:30 but I could get off a little earlier. 


Bernard Geebel 

Either of those days would be fine, so long as we can figure out the exact time closer to the weekend.

Week days would be okay if you prefer that, but daylight is going to be hard. I finish in time to meet around 5:30pm at the crit track, or could catchup before 8:30am if you are an earlybird.

Originally I bought it to commute from Nudgee to the airport, and it's an absolute delight for that ride. When I moved house to Nundah my commute got a lot less fun, so lately I only really take it out when I plan to do laps on the way home.



Sounds good Matt. I don't think weekdays would be a great idea in the end as we would not have much time available for a ride and a chat.
Let's aim or the 8th of June for the moment.

Sounds good - sent you a PM with my phone number, feel free to shoot me a text when it's a bit closer and we can sort out the time.

I could no longer see your phone number once l went to your PM so l no longer have it. 

How does 10am this Saturday sound to you?

That should work - depends how much time you want to ride / chat.

I am penciled in to something at ~10:30, an earlier start would be okay if you wanted a bit more time.

OK no worries. How does 8am sound?

We also probably need to work out where we should specifically meet on the track.

8am is fine.

As far as where to meet at the criterium, I'll be around the gym equipment - you won't miss me :-)

True that ! Bit hard to miss a man with a with a 7 foot plastic banana.  

Hi Matthew

Thanks for letting me try your Rotovelo; I'm delighted to be buying it. :)

A question with regards to the idler pulleys for the drive train. Where can I buy them from again? I know you mentioned it but we spoke about a lot so I didn't quite remember everything unfortunately. Since I am getting one for the drive side I may as well get one for the non-drive side as well.


Bernard Geebel


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