Hi im new to this forum 

Im Brenda im looking for somewhere in Brissy or Goldy so i can try out a recumbent trike as i have a bad spine & sciatic nerve damage 

I work 6 days a week so going to noosa to check one out is too hard at the moment 

Can anyone help me please 

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Hi Brenda and welcome.

You might want to try DT Recumbents up Redcliffe way. Phone: 0475 260 468


They sell new trikes and may know of some used trikes for sale.

Hi Brenda,

From the information provided in your original post, I'm not sure a recumbent trike is necessarily where you want to be. If you suffer from any sort of spine/ sciatic problem the process of getting down into, and then consequentially getting back out of a recumbent trike may be something you find very challenging. The other challenge facing recumbent trike riders is the difficulty they present on up-hill sections. With a conventional bike, you can get weight above pedals to assist with the power needed to get up inclines. With recumbent trikes, while quite fast and easy to ride on level, down hill or very slight up-hill, once the running becomes steeper up-hill or variable incline, they can be quite hard to push. My experience comes from working with recumbent race teams associated with a school and having run race events for these in south east QLD. 

Hi Paul 

Thank you for the information ill still give them a go & if it doesnt work all good 

I have a Giant Defi carbon fibre road bike that i ride but the pain in my back & hip afterwards is very painful 

Cheers thanks Brenda

If you are on the Gold Coast some time, you could check out our array of racing recumbents. We have a total of 8 from in school built, to very high end, high performance fully enclosed race trikes.

Hi Paul i work at varsity lakes monday Tuesday sunday monday tuesday wednesday Sunday 8am till 4pm so if i get a chance ill let you know thank you 

I ride a velomobile, recumbent trike and a couple of recumbent bikes. I tend to agree with what Paul has said in part, but in regards to the uphill info, trikes are fine uphill if you have the gearing, just slower than normal bikes.

All commercially available trikes have gearing to cope with any hill.

I rode my Greenspeed trike (GT3) in a Great Vic Bike Ride, with some big climbs in NE Vic, it was fine and I even overtook lots of upright riders. On the downhills no one could keep up with me. http://www.brisbanecyclist.com/profiles/blogs/great-victorian-bike-...

My conversion to recumbents was similar to yours, a road bike rider, D grade racer! and every time I rode my neck would ache for 3 days- I have a bulging disc in my neck. Once on a recumbent, I have not had any body pain since apart from sore legs! I don't get why more people don't ride them, trikes especially are a hoot!


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