Hello to all the 'bent riders out there. I have recently joined the group to find out if there was a dedicated group for recumbents after passing a group of riders last July at Clontarf while I was riding along with the penny farthing club. No, in case you're wondering, I don't have a penny; just a rod braked safety bike from the 1940's approx (I like old bikes too, but not for long distances).

Anyway, a little about myself. I live on the Darling Downs, and had enough of the pins and needles associated with conventional bikes, and after seeing some recumbents riding between Somerset Dam and Kilcoy, I decided to explore this form of cycling. I found I didn't have the budget to buy one, so built a LWB bike based on Atomic Zombie plans. This opened up a completely new form of bike riding for me. No more pins and needles in the wrist, rear end, elbow, sore neck etc. This became my new form of excercise (including for the mind), but the bike is very heavy, being 9 foot long from front to back, and made out of 2 complete bike frames plus the rear a frame from a 3rd. Later, I was able to buy a 2nd hand Bacchetta Giro 26 for about half new price, and now I had a fairly comfortable bike that would actually roll, and didn't have to be powered the whole time. Unfortunately, this bike was stolen in early Dec 2016, so now I have only my home made monster.

I'm looking to save up and get a replacement for the Bacchetta, but wanted something that would fold up easily for travel, and handle gravel and rougher roads / trails better than the rigid suspension of the Bacchetta. This has left me looking at the HP Velotechnik and Azub bikes supplied by Brett at Recumbent & Specialised Cycling. With my requirements in mind, Brett suggested a custom build may be worth considering, and suggested Wayne Kotzur, who has taken some particulars and is working on initial design and pricing.

I'm curious if anyone has ever come across any of Wayne's bikes before and what they thought of them? He builds conventional, cargo, specialised types for disabled folk, and recumbents.

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Greetings Playdough. I can appreciate the LWB, but in my correspondence with Wayne, he is steering me towards a SWB, and having had both, I'm inclined to agree. If I was buying a new bike, I wouldn't have OSS like my Giro, but USS like my homemade one. I find the USS better on the shoulders. If your Kotzur was going cheap, well....

We can usually find room for another bike, but another LWB will be hard to hide at my place (and wifey found another old bike today that I had picked up 2 years ago). I tell her bikes are good to collect as they take up less room than 1940 - 50's Cadillacs (which I would like to collect too).

Incidently, here's a snap of my home made.

Hello all. I hope you are looking forward to cooler weather like I am. Thought you might like an update. The design process with Wayne Kotzur is continuing after an extended break. Wayne lost his mum during the last year and has had some medical issues of his own which put him behind. In any case, I hope to be the proud owner of a custom build SWB USS bike by mid winter, and I can't wait. I felt lost last winter not being able to get out in the country on some quiet back roads and put in some miles, stop in on a country pub for lunch, then coast home again. If all goes to plan, this will be the reality come July. Hope you are all wearing the rubber off your own wheels and having a great time. I look forward to coming along one day and sharing a ride with you before long. Best regards, Neil


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