Hello to all the 'bent riders out there. I have recently joined the group to find out if there was a dedicated group for recumbents after passing a group of riders last July at Clontarf while I was riding along with the penny farthing club. No, in case you're wondering, I don't have a penny; just a rod braked safety bike from the 1940's approx (I like old bikes too, but not for long distances).

Anyway, a little about myself. I live on the Darling Downs, and had enough of the pins and needles associated with conventional bikes, and after seeing some recumbents riding between Somerset Dam and Kilcoy, I decided to explore this form of cycling. I found I didn't have the budget to buy one, so built a LWB bike based on Atomic Zombie plans. This opened up a completely new form of bike riding for me. No more pins and needles in the wrist, rear end, elbow, sore neck etc. This became my new form of excercise (including for the mind), but the bike is very heavy, being 9 foot long from front to back, and made out of 2 complete bike frames plus the rear a frame from a 3rd. Later, I was able to buy a 2nd hand Bacchetta Giro 26 for about half new price, and now I had a fairly comfortable bike that would actually roll, and didn't have to be powered the whole time. Unfortunately, this bike was stolen in early Dec 2016, so now I have only my home made monster.

I'm looking to save up and get a replacement for the Bacchetta, but wanted something that would fold up easily for travel, and handle gravel and rougher roads / trails better than the rigid suspension of the Bacchetta. This has left me looking at the HP Velotechnik and Azub bikes supplied by Brett at Recumbent & Specialised Cycling. With my requirements in mind, Brett suggested a custom build may be worth considering, and suggested Wayne Kotzur, who has taken some particulars and is working on initial design and pricing.

I'm curious if anyone has ever come across any of Wayne's bikes before and what they thought of them? He builds conventional, cargo, specialised types for disabled folk, and recumbents.

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Hello Neil, welcome to the group.

As far as I know the Kotzur bikes are well regarded, there is at least one long wheelbase Kotzur bike in Brisbane that I know of.  I believe it may even be for sale at the moment.

There's a couple of Bacchetta Giro's for sale second hand also, a steel Giro 20, and an alloy Giro 26.  The giro's can be fitted with quite wide tyres if desired too.

There is a facebook group also for local recumbents - Brisbane Recumbent Riders - if you are a fb user.  While mostly Brisbane based, there are a few scattered far and wide.

Thanks for your reply and comments James.

I should also ask if people hear of someone trying to flog a cheap Bacchetta Giro 26, as I am hoping I can get mine back again, and there wouldn't be too many of them coming up for sale I wouldn't have thought. Mine was red, with a carrier on the back, with a custom made bracket I made to attach the carrier to the back of the seat back. It would be great to have it come home again.

I assume the bikes for sale you mention are on this site? (I haven't gone looking yet).

I'm not a facebooker, but thanks for the lead on the BRR group. I'll have to watch when things are coming up (once I get a bike again).

Is this yours Neil?

I posted this on the BNE FB page 5/1/17 here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/986598251399938/permalink/124287839...

Hmmm. Here's that pic that is not showing above ...

Hello again David. The picture is of a similar bike, but not mine. Mine has the same colours, but has a 2 piece seat with a black mesh seat back with padded black padded seat. Most other details look similar, although mine is a Giro, not a Strada.


The Stolen bikes FB page advises people to sign up & register the bike as stolen here https://www.stolenbikes.com.au

Edit: I just search on above page and FB page and nothing found for Bacchetta, Giro or recumbent.

Thanks David. Geez, the things you don't realise you don't know. I'll have to look at registering it on there.

Neil, if you are interested in one of the second hand Giro's, message me and I'll put you in touch with the owners.

I don't think they are advertised widely at the moment.

G'day Neil.

Yep, Kotzur are quality bikes. Hopefully Playdough on this site will comment as he owns one.

Interesting that your Giro 26 was stolen. I expect it will turn up for sale somewhere at some point. Not many bikes go un-noticed by this group, so there is still a chance you may get it back if the police get involved. There is a Facebook page devoted to stolen bikes in AU with over 5,500 members, many of them active, so it may be worth your while posting there. I get the impression they have reasonable success helping recover bikes. https://www.facebook.com/stolenbikesaustralia/

I believe it's still worth a shot even if it was stolen in Dec 16.

Re a custom build. In my limited dealings with Trisled (http://www.trisled.com.au), I get the impression they are keen to help design and build also. If it were my money, I'd open the offer to them as well.

.... I now have this picture in my mind of a bunch of Penny Farthing riders passing a bunch of recumbent riders both staring suspiciously at each other in silence thinking "weirdos" .... 


G'day Doc, Funny you should say that, because at the time I was following one of our elderly penny riders, with large mustache groomed for the event, and we passed a group of recumbent riders. He called out "Look at all the funny looking bikes", with tongue firmly in cheek.

I was a bit torn at the time whether I should stay with the pennies, or swing around and ride with the recumbents.

Hi Neil,

As David and James have said, I currently own a Kotzur LWB recumbent and a Bachetta Giro (both formerly owned by David I may add). My dear wife agreed to my buying the Giro on condition that I sell the Kotzur, which I have yet to do.

My impressions of the Kotzur- it's extremely well made, lots of attention to detail has gone onto it's design and construction. Being a custom build, the limitations are around how adjustable it is. The only issue I have is that the seat webbing deteriorated and replacing it is proving problematic, the current solution is a DIY padded seat. It's also very long, like yours. It's a lovely bike, but it wasn't the right recumbent for me, hence the Giro.

The still current 'For Sale' thread with some pictures is here - http://www.brisbanecyclist.com/forum/topics/lwb-recumbent-for-sale 


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