"You've got nothing to do on the road, road is for cars, you should be riding on the footpath!"

...screamed a hoodlum to me, without laughing, yesterday afternoon in Logan, on Kingston Rd.

Clearly the campaign about leaving space for bikes didn't target him, since he came with a different idea altogether!

He had time to put in words his rotten thought to me since I had caught up on them at the red lights with Compton Rd. Initially I didn't hear what he had screamed to me, but at the lights, upon insisting, I revealed his new version of the Road Rules. He was the young passenger of a very nice sports car. Him and his young driver of a friend were barely twenty but already their head full of S.

I screamed my rights back to them, but he wouldn't believe me. I noted their plate, and reported them on the online form for cyclist complaints (see link below), insisting that the excited member of the party was more the passenger there, but clearly the driver was not reasonning him either...

Cyclist complaint online form


I can only urge you to use and peruse this link for whatver incident you get with motorists. We haven't got many tools, so here's one.

No wonder that I get abused my people, if some individuals out there have these Middle-Age thoughts in their skulls. There should be a special campaign about these ones.

Then again I sort of deserve it...Because on my way down South yesterday, I was playing my militant initially, on Lutwyche Rd. I told no less than five adult riders "On the road!" as they were riding on footpaths. SuckSh.t of me! 

People don't pay attention to words these days... 

What word can you hear in "foot"path? What word can you hear in "road" bike?

So...where should a "road" bike be?

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Fab, it sounds like you're new to Brisbane. What you describe can pretty much be considered "normal" for some. Don't expect the police to be of any help for this type of scenario. No one is going to listen or change their minds let alone the types of drivers you encounter.

That said, my incident or near-miss rate is practically zero but I can't really explain my techniques as they'll probably not work for you.

Good luck and I hope your rides can stay enjoyable.

I'm not new to Brisbane. I lived here from 06 to 09, then since 16. What's new in me but, is that I now refuse to be a victim of this soft-terrorism. I used to accept this. I don't anymore. I'm not scared, "no tinc por".

I've passed the age of being a victim. I am free, and freer then before. Like LGBT have come out, and the Society is en route to accept this, I've come out of my state as a victim on the road, and won't accept this discrimination any more. I give them mouth systematically, vehemently, and report them systematically.

They won't make me hate Australia, because I love this country, and they're a minority of them, and I do get occasional support and thumbs up when I ride.

I can't change their mentality by myself, you're right, but if we all re-own our roads, as riders, they'll have to live with us. So I'm angry at all adult riders on footpaths. BTW it's forbidden in SA, where I used to live, at least when I lived there. I'd like a massive movements of all road riders to tell off adult riders who use footpaths.

With more bikes on the road, motorists will have to compose with us, again, like in the good old day.

When I ride on the footpath, usually on my utility bike, are you going to tell me off too? I'd rather people let me make my own decisions on when I ride on the footpath. I always slow down and give way to pedestrians.

FYI, South Australia has legalised footpath riding.


I'm not going to try and waste your time Fab but since you've posted on a discussion board, I'll state up front right now (without sugarcoating) that I believe you're not going to achieve what you want with your current anger-laden approach.

Frankly, from what you've written so far across a few threads, your methods appear somewhat misguided - you're not going to get anyone to join you with an approach that many others have singularly tried before and failed with.

Can I also have a little more clarification on your "adult riders on footpaths" remark? Do you mean to say that you're angry that adults have to ride there, or that you're angry that adults don't ride on the road? If it's the latter, I think you'll find a lot of us here will disagree with you - besides, what's the real difference between a footpath and a separated/shared path, anyway?

Are you a vehicular cyclist?

your current anger-laden approach

=> The angry ones are the hoodlums. I only defend myself. Savvy? Snakes do that very well, and thy even are a protected species. Why can't I?

Keep getting shot at café terraces or at venues, smile to your killer, while I shoot back.

The point is to show these people we have the right to be respected on the roads, as road users. Why should we be the lambs, and them the wolves? An eye for an eye. Simple as that.

What specific plan are you suggesting here?


I wish you luck with the cyclist complaint line.. 

My experience is it very much depends on the police officer you get. If you have a diligent officer assigned it will be sorted without fuss. 

If you get a bogan with a badge, you are just wasting your life.. 

Then again I sort of deserve it...Because on my way down South yesterday, I was playing my militant initially, on Lutwyche Rd. I told no less than five adult riders "On the road!" as they were riding on footpaths. SuckSh.t of me! 

I can't work out what you mean here - did basically tell others to not ride on the footpath?

I do. I will continue, and I think it is a very considerate approach, because I think globally, not selfishly.

All these bikes on the footpaths send the wrong message to motorists, leading to the "you have nothing to do on roads" I heard last Sunday.

You should travel to Northern Europe, (or go back and observe if you already have), and see how the Dutches or the Danes have a smooth cohabitation on the road. It is precisely because they all are in the same space: the traffic lanes. Are we too clever for that here? Or too selfish?

Because on my way down South yesterday, I was playing my militant initially, on Lutwyche Rd. I told no less than five adult riders "On the road!" as they were riding on footpaths. SuckSh.t of me! 

It's legal to ride on both the road and footpath in this state. You have a right to use the road, and others have a right to use the footpath. I don't know what you think you were doing, imposing your views on those "five adult riders".

It's hypocritical to complain about motorists hassling you for legally riding on the road then in the same post you admit to hassling bicycle riders for legally riding on the footpath. You seem to acknowledge the contradiction:

Then again I sort of deserve it

..but it doesn't forgive your behaviour. You painted an image of you hurtling down Lutwyche Road hurling loud advice at people riding along the footpath, minding their own business, and it made me shudder. Why perpetuate the "little Hitler-ism" when you clearly don't appreciate being on the receiving end of it? 

Your word "analysis" on "footpath" and "road bike" is flawed. Brisbane is full of footpaths, bike paths, shared pathways. The lines between them all are blurred. Also, most people who ride on "footpaths" are not on road bikes, but on hybrid or mountain bikes, just trying to get around.

Being legally allowed to ride on the footpath is one of the few positive things we have which enables one to get around this city despite the fact that safe cycling roads and paths don't connect to each other.

So don't hassle people for legally riding on the footpath. It is not appreciated.

Well that's your view, and I have mine. I also have the right to be a militant and ask people to join me on roads, like we used to be, and like we should be. "Tell off" is not the appropriate words I agree. I'd rather say "I urge them to join me". And no Godwin point thank you, unneeded, especially since you guys never had Germans soliders in your country, kicking out your grandparents to sleep in their bed instead. You just don't know what you're talking about really.

Back to the topic, I judge riding on footpaths (actual footpaths, where pedestrians and mums walk with prams for example) as dangerous, and because of this resignation behaviour I, but also many others suffer from thugs on the road, who know think riders should be on footpaths (like others bikes).

You are sending the soft-terrorists* the wrong message. The fact that it is okay to have eradicated cyclists off roads today. (*the ones who terrorise bikes on the actual traffic lane that is, hence the word).

BTW, I rode 155 km at 30 km/h avg last Sunday, could I seriously do that on the foothpath? With cars, and kids, coming off concealed driveways? How can you train at high intensity level on a footpath, diligently waiting for the green man at an empty crossroads? It is incompatible with road cycling. "road" cycling I said btw.

In fact I find this practice selfish, because you do it for *your* safety, without inducing a global-scale shift in behaviours. Think broader, and think that by reowning your due part on the road, you will serve the Community better, and shift behaviours. Think "everybody" vs "me".

Look, militantism induce changes, proven track records exist for this. Nobody would have ever bet 2 cents on LGBT marriage 20 years ago, and here we are in a Society at the dawn of it, because some militants acted. If you guys are on the line of "you're wasting your time, nothing will change", you'd still be cultivating fields with oxen-drawn hoes. Also, you can be seen as the hypocritical ones, checking your mobile phones 30 times a day, a device that should have never been invented and designed by Engineers who "waste their times because home phones will never change, nor will people's habits with phones"...


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