I had cancer last year and lost a lot of fitness, and have decided to start cycling as a way to get my fitness back up.

Being a novice, I am nervous about cycling on a busy road.

Can you please help me figure out the best way to get from Federation Street in Wynnum West, to 32 Cordelia Street in South Brisbane?

I'm happy to go further to avoid busy roads.

Also, am after solutions on how to handle the what to wear to work thing. Does anyone use a laundry company that picks up and delivers clothes washed and ironed?

Anyone know any places in SouthBank or South Brisbane that have end of trip facilities?


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You can try the router at http://www.brouter.de/ to help you look at some alternatives (under the "Safety" profile).

Once you have the route set up (click start and end points and then press "Esc") you can try the different drop down boxes for profiles and alternatives.

It will require local knowledge to refine them though. Going from Meiers Road Indooroopilly to Maryvale St Toowong I used to prefer Handel St, riding through the golf course and up Swann, Central, Baty, Guilfoyle, Carmody, Ryans, Jerdanefield, Austral, Sandford, cross at the RE onto Sherwood etc. The router wouldn't know about the golf course possibility. Some of the routes it suggested were riding up Burns Road which I would avoid at all costs (60 km/h, uphill, no shoulder, bad vision, then uphill again on Jephson St etc).

Also, you can ask EastBUG or look at the February 2017 BCC bikeways map


the older 2015 version


has "BAZ" (Bicycle Awareness Zone yellow bike stencils) which might help you find quieter streets.

Anyone know any places in SouthBank or South Brisbane that have end of trip facilities?

Can't reall yhelp you on route, however QUT (over the bridge from South Bank) does have end of trip facilities. They're not super cheap but they're decent. Might be a bit of a walk to Cordelia though.

There is always the facilities under Brisbane Square as well - probably a closer walk. 

There are free public showers near the fake beach at Southbank, but no bike storage.

Not sure where you work at 32 Cordelia but a number of the tenants in the SW1 complex have end of trip facilities.  My employer (the main tenant at 32 Cordelia) has secure bike parking, showers with towel service and lockers.  Maybe check with your employer. 

Dan, I have a suggestion for closer in, Morningside. Wynnum Rd before the railway bridge. Go left Rossiter Bridgewater [some go to Richmond Rd] I go left Bartlett, Jersey, Ayr, Richmond, [follows a creek], Warminda, Bennetts, round-about 2nd exit Milsom, past Easts Rugby Union, Thomas over the railway and in on Stanley, path it Cavendish Rd to Caswell then on the road, Stanley St. Wynnum Rd gets tight after the rail bridge I reckon. Creek Rd to Richmond Rd has "heart attack hill".

My return I go S/east f'way O'Keefe, round-about, then Norman Creek bikeway to Cavendish Rd, path it Stanley, Tiber, Canara, under the rail, left Waite, Bennetts, Waminda, Richmond..


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