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So, this morning on the Western Freeway Bikeway here I was heading West overtaking a slow moving recumbent trike on this sweeping bend.

It was relatively quiet. Visibility was limited to about 50m (pic here front of me due to the vegetation bordering the path. I could not see all the way around the bend.

As I was calmly overtaking the trike on his right, suddenly, around the corner comes 8-10 roadies probably travelling at between 35-40 kph in a close bunch, single file(ish). I was surprised and moved over as best I could to give them space.

The verbal abuse that ensued from the leader was amazing.

"You F*ckhead!!" was clearly heard from the lead rider, then some other utterances from the group. I could not make out what else was said as it over in a second, each of us continuing on our way.

So ... who was at fault here? Me for overtaking calmly on a quiet, sweeping path (I would not have done so if it was a tight, blind corner) or the roadies going at a decent pace, likely because it was near the bottom of the decline?

Either way, the aggression from the leader was quite something. I wondered if I had been a child or a dog what the result would have been.

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My take, for what it's worth, the roadies should not have been travelling at a speed that they could not stop within their sight line/distance.

No one is guaranteeing the paths or roads are clear and unobstructed at all times.


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