What are great looking spots to film commuting bike riders in Brisbane?

I'm making a film about Why People Ride and I'm in Brisbane for the day on Friday the 5th.

I want to create a few nice shots of people riding in Brisbane; mainly commuting, doing the school run etc.

What are great locations for this in Brisbane? I'm filming both on the ground and with a drone (where permitted, so not the CBD).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Mate.. the best place for this might be on the Bicentennial bike way which is very close to the city. It has heavy bike traffic and lovely views. I'm not sure of whether you'd be able to use the drone there though as there aren't a lot of landing spots. 

I agree with Steve.  I reckon the Bicentennial where it gets near the CBD from Coronation Drive - there will be heaps of bike commuters pouring into the city. 

Also, at the other end of the Bicentennial at the junction of the Goodwill Bridge and QUT - there will be people coming and going to and from 2 or 3 different directions.


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