"We need protected Bikelanes in the CBD awareness ride" Thursday

Please join the CBD BUG for the  "We need protected Bikelanes in the CBD awareness ride"

To highlight the need for a network of protected bikelanes in the Brisbane CBD and our disappointment that Council would reject a petition of nearly 3,000 signatures.

In 2016 the Brisbane CBD BUG in conjunction with Space4cyclingbne highlighted the need for a #minimumgrid of protected bikelanes in Brisbane CBD. Working together a petition was put together, that subsequently collected nearly 3,000 signatures and was tabled to council before the end of the 2016. However Lord Mayor & Council currently has a default position and as such rejected the petition behind closed doors (in a committee) over the summer break. On Tuesday 7 February 2017 this rejection became official with considerable debate in the ...Council chamber.
This ride is to highlight that our elected official’s response (a rejection), is outdated and is based on fanciful reasons proven to be incorrect through experiences from around the world.

Meet at 5.15pm for a 5.30pm start at Cathedral Square - corner of Ann St and Wharf St (across Ann St from St John's Anglican Cathedral

General Ride Notes/Protocols -
• This will be a slow ride.
• All traffic rules/signs will be observed by the riders at the front.
• The intention is that riders proceed two abreast and use a full traffic lane.
• Riders need to maintain the integrity of the group by not allowing gaps to occur while also not overlapping wheels with the rider in front.
• Participants are advised to wear a helmet and ensure their bikes are legal with at least 1 effective brake; and a bell, horn or similar warning device in working order. A front and rear light may be required due to the ride occuring at dusk.
• All riders will be participating as individuals and at their own risk.

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Sorry - I've got a dinner date.

Sorry can't make it bike in the shop, no front brake. NOW I know another cause of that light tink tink with the wheel revolution!! disc, hydraulic..

More awareness needed. The BIG PUSH for Safe Streets ride: https://space4cyclingbne.com/2017/03/25/the-big-push-for-safe-streets/


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