I was thinking.. we haven't been to the cove for a while. Is anyone interested? I'll throw a date out.. next Thursday August the 17th?

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I'll be there at or around 5pm, have to swing past Eagle St and hand the car over to Nicole and then get to Cove from there.

I'm still good too.

Well what time from? I suppose I can pop in for one... 

Ok, so I didn't book but we're back on. I should be there not long after 5. Whoever gets there first bag a table. :o

What?! I'll be there ... soon :)

Thanks Steve for organizing, good company as always.

Cherio Geoff enjoy Melbourne again.

Indeed - thanks for organising. Good company in a pleasant spot on a warm winter's evening.

A LOT of CityCycles going past, lots of people on those without helmets

group of 3 velocops at one point, one with back light attached to his person not his bike ...

should just count the M/F ratio there sometime.

Heard Geoff's story of how he scraped his knuckles - something to do with a loose nut causing a catastrophic wheel lock up?

Ate lots of chips and onion rings, didn't have dinner.

Thanks for the company. Best cancelled drinks evah!

Good luck in MEL Geoff. 


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