I was thinking.. we haven't been to the cove for a while. Is anyone interested? I'll throw a date out.. next Thursday August the 17th?

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Thought you'd never ask...

Thur 17..like any evening...just great.

Great idea. Wonder if it's worth timing it to coincide with the Tuesday S4CBNE slow roll?

I'm in, you can all say goodbye to me as we'll be off to Melbourne second week of September.

Doesn't appear to be much interest??? Maybe we can try again a bit later Geoff?

Doesn't bother me Steve.

I'm still good for this Thursday.

House went unconditional today, so the rest of the family heads south on the 2nd of September and I hang around and make sure the house removalists get everything out by the 5th, clean up on the 6th, handover on the 7th then head south myself.

So is that a scratch, then? It may partly be that lots of people are taking days off during Ekka week.

Yes, I think so. There is only a couple of people... how about we pick another week that might suit more people?  

Thoughts. Unfortunately Tuesday isn't great for me (which is why I don't make the slow rolls).

Well, it's a good thing to do occasionally which bought together a bunch of cyclists with eclectic interests who might not normally gather together.

I would not like to see this pass into the realm of "things we used to do", so, even though I haven't always turned up to all these do's, I now swear on a pile of bicycles to do so whenever you can all make the time :)

There ... that's 1 ...

Thursday, I'm still good.

I'm still ok for tonight if everyone else is

Ok what time? I can be there at 5 but I'll have to go by 6??

I could probably be there from around 5.40


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