I'm a first time contributor but a regular recreational cyclist in the Redcliffe area.  Long story but about a year ago I was coming home from an early morning ride when I noticed a car veering off the road towards me.  I thought it was maybe a moment of inattention on the drivers part but the car kept veering slowly towards me as it came up the road, eventually forcing me to pull over to the curb and dismount onto the nature strip thinking this guy was going to hit me.  At the last moment another car appeared in a side street and this car that was coming towards me swerved suddenly back on to the road and disappeared without further incident.  At the time I thought it was just an odd occurrance and got on with my ride home.Yesterday, about a year later, same car, same driver (got another look at his face) different part of town, different bike and helmet on my part.  Same thing.  Car swerves towards me slowly at a fair distance and then gradually works his way off the road directly at me.  Forces me to the curb and to dismount.  He got close enough for me to wave my fist in his face through his windshield.  I'm a slow recreational rider who is often on the right hand side of the road because I got tired of drivers in parked cars not being able to see me coming and suddenly opening their doors.  I give way to high speed road cyclists and I'm careful about pedestrians.  Basically I'm a very courteous rider.I wasn't doing anything wrong and I wasn't getting in anyone's way.  I just thought I should warn other people about this guy.  Haven't been able to get a licence plate number yet but I know what he looks like and he is driving a white Ford AU model.  Not sure of the year.  One incident happened on MacDonnell road and yesterday it happened again on Maine road Clontarf.  Driver is possibly of Indonesian or Javanese decent with slight mustache and goatee.  A friend told me that unless I have video footage, a signed confession and the guys inside leg measurement, Redcliffe Police will just tell me there is nothing they can do.  Hoping maybe someone who has had a similar experience might have got a licence number.  Can you help?

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Try contacting Bicycle Qld - on Facebook or by phone.  They have promoted a new system of theirs where they are collecting this sort of information and are working with one of the law firms to take action.

They may have more information about this guy and may be able to help.

Thankyou this reply is very useful and I will definitely look into that.  Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I think anyone who reads this reply will understand why I wont answer it.

Yes, Redcliffe police are one of the bad stations. You don't pay rego, so you should ride on the footpath is their view. 

Personally .. I'd put a complaint in. At least then it's documented. 

Report it. There was a bloke doing the same kind of stuff around the western suburbs several years ago and it was only after multiple reports and unfortunately a bad hit that the cops got into action. The guy that was doing it had behaviour and mental health issues and was 'known the police' as they say. Your guy could be the same but no one will join the dots if reports aren't made.


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