This junction at the corner of Herschel Street & North Quay (a key entry point to the bikeway) has been a joke for years but the recent 'upgrade' has made it worse.

Council had MONTHS to fix this and they only started on it just prior to the bikeway reopening recently. It's disgusting.

  • The pole is almost in the MIDDLE of the pathway, making the turn for cyclists very, very tight if they want to go left (of course there is no point going straight as the footpath ends so I'm not sure why they spent money on that pedestrian crossing...)
  • The surface is loose gravel which is bumpy and very dangerous when wet
  • The access cover is sticking out of the ground

It has been like this for a few months now. Flashy, visible bikeways are all well and good but when they can't even get the BASICS right, what hope is there?

My suggestions to improve this:

  • Remove the pole with the crossing button and relocate it to where the pole with the 'Bicentennial Bikeway' sign sits (on the right, slightly thinner pole)
  • Get rid of the crossing which goes straight ahead and put a bike box there instead
  • Fix the surface and enlarge & smooth the drop off
  • And for God's sake, do not put those stupid bloody slippery plastic 'tactile buttons' on the surface. They have got to be the dumbest invention (and I know some visually impaired people that agree... they slip on them too!)

Also, here is another photo illustrating the general disregard for pedestrians in this city.

(Corner of Hamilton Place & O'Connell Terrace, Bowen Hills)

That large box (I think) is part of the traffic control system for the new (fugly) overpass which ends just near the Courier Mail building in Bowen Hills. WTF does it have to be THERE? WHY?

As you can see, not only is the footpath surface nice and smooth for the elderly & wheelchairs but they have numerous 'traffic calming' devices to slow them down. We can't give those freeloaders quality now can we? Meanwhile the road is smooth & unobstructed.

If anyone from council reads this, can you people please do a proper job? It's like nobody really gives a $#!t and that's really making me angry, very angry.

This makes me want to earn less, pay less tax and tax deduct every thing I possibly can... I don't do this currently because I think taxes are important. However, when Governments show flagrant disregard for citizens (and the money earned from them) it makes me think twice, it really does.

Does one have to slip and sue Council to see anything change? If so, that can be arranged.

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There must be some formal process for approving g road signs. If it was just a case of whacking up a sign, anyone could do it. I wonder of the formal process has been followed for Archer St.

The MUTCD in Part 1 1.10 says that the TORUM Act provides that Official Traffic signs shall be installed only be the authority of the DG of DTMR or a local government.  

Going over the the TORUM, Part 2 (sections 67-76) covers is what this is referring to.

69 Local government may install or remove official traffic
(1) A local government may install an official traffic sign in its
(a) on a road that is not a declared road; or
(b) on a declared road, with the chief executive’s written
agreement; or
(c) on an off-street regulated parking area.

There's a few others such as "prescribed persons" putting up signs for roadworks etc.

Part 9 is dedicated stuff for bicycles.  As bicycles we also have to obey the signs that apply to cars (on the whole) so stop signs still apply to us even though they don't appear in Part 9.

I just found the 600x600 thing in Part 2.  That is just a standard sign size that is available from TMR.  If you read of Part 2, the shape and colour are mandatory ("shall").  The size is only a "should" and is related to being "both conspicuous and legible at required reading distances" which you will find that sign is.  The TORUM also says a sign is still valid even if it is a different size to normal.

Speaking of infrastructure for recreational cyclists ... something was supposed to have been seen on Gladstone Road by now. Might be a bit of a commuter issue too. If CBD BUG doesn't say anything, nobody else will ...

Cr Matic said design work for changes to Gladstone Road were underway and improvements would be seen on Gladstone Road by mid-2014.

“We’re looking at the pavement marking and traffic lines on Gladstone Road to see if we can create extra room for a cycling shoulder outside the vehicular traffic to make it safer for cyclists,” Cr Matic said.

“Plans for the improvement works are undergoing traffic modelling as part of the design works and are in the early stages but cyclists will start seeing improvements being made to the area around the middle of next year.”

Thanks Brisbane City Council! Your infrastructure is fan'bloody'shart.

For those playing at home its Maundrell Terrace after the Hamilton Road intersection upgrade. Instead of extending the bike lane up to the wide shoulder (considering hardly anyone parks in should also already be a bike lane) it abruptly ends after the intersection just like so many other places in Brisbane.

The great big wide arrow(obviously a merge arrow) seems to me to need a caption of "please merge to your doom".

Siren infrastructure ...


Bike lane infrastructure after the right turn off Ann St, a stint along Roma St approaching the Turbot St "give way" Right and finally the Brisbane Courts Free Parking Precinct (BCFPP).

Link as of 2014-09-18. Press WASD to navigate.

Today, I filled in a web form to Council to have them investigate drivers exiting Turbot St (the one without the traffic light) creeping too far over the non-existent give way line (press W a few times in the Street View to see). I've even seen them cluelessly run the red light after turning left there, but have left it out of my feedback submission for now for clarity.


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