This junction at the corner of Herschel Street & North Quay (a key entry point to the bikeway) has been a joke for years but the recent 'upgrade' has made it worse.

Council had MONTHS to fix this and they only started on it just prior to the bikeway reopening recently. It's disgusting.

  • The pole is almost in the MIDDLE of the pathway, making the turn for cyclists very, very tight if they want to go left (of course there is no point going straight as the footpath ends so I'm not sure why they spent money on that pedestrian crossing...)
  • The surface is loose gravel which is bumpy and very dangerous when wet
  • The access cover is sticking out of the ground

It has been like this for a few months now. Flashy, visible bikeways are all well and good but when they can't even get the BASICS right, what hope is there?

My suggestions to improve this:

  • Remove the pole with the crossing button and relocate it to where the pole with the 'Bicentennial Bikeway' sign sits (on the right, slightly thinner pole)
  • Get rid of the crossing which goes straight ahead and put a bike box there instead
  • Fix the surface and enlarge & smooth the drop off
  • And for God's sake, do not put those stupid bloody slippery plastic 'tactile buttons' on the surface. They have got to be the dumbest invention (and I know some visually impaired people that agree... they slip on them too!)

Also, here is another photo illustrating the general disregard for pedestrians in this city.

(Corner of Hamilton Place & O'Connell Terrace, Bowen Hills)

That large box (I think) is part of the traffic control system for the new (fugly) overpass which ends just near the Courier Mail building in Bowen Hills. WTF does it have to be THERE? WHY?

As you can see, not only is the footpath surface nice and smooth for the elderly & wheelchairs but they have numerous 'traffic calming' devices to slow them down. We can't give those freeloaders quality now can we? Meanwhile the road is smooth & unobstructed.

If anyone from council reads this, can you people please do a proper job? It's like nobody really gives a $#!t and that's really making me angry, very angry.

This makes me want to earn less, pay less tax and tax deduct every thing I possibly can... I don't do this currently because I think taxes are important. However, when Governments show flagrant disregard for citizens (and the money earned from them) it makes me think twice, it really does.

Does one have to slip and sue Council to see anything change? If so, that can be arranged.

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Has anyone raised this one with BCC?

At the end when they turn off onto a contraflow lane there's a series of raised yellow kerb units. They would be OK if they had reflectors & edge posts along them but as they are they would be too easy for people to not see in the dark or wet weather. Locals who use the route regularly might remember them but visitors would have no warning of them.

I ride there frequently and they don't bother me... but then I don't fang around that corner quite that fast. Big & yellow and from memory, retroflective. If they weren't there I'm sure motorists would either sit on the lane or park on it. Perhaps a better solution is a line of planting - preferably something that flowers. :)

As for visitors to the area who might not have any warning of them, surely if someone has never ridden there before they would turn the corner with care?

That reminds me of some women from Adelaide who came here complaining about the 'grates' up on Parkland Drive at Roma Street Parklands and how they were a terrible danger. I was trying to work out what the hell she was on about (as that's my regular route) and I discovered that she was riding well IN the gutter and the width of the grills wouldn't allow a 23mm wheel to pass through... ever. Of course she 'noticed' the hazard and felt the need to report it.

If it is a hazard, and you see it, is it really a hazard?

I agree with Paul.

I have had no problems with them , first off you should not be crossing them as they are the lane boundary & they stop cars from parking there.

plus there bright yellow

In a perfect world we'd all notice such things but the fact is that sometimes we miss things for various reasons. (Like cars should see bikes but too often SMIDSY.) In Sydney when I was much younger & less experienced I once crashed over a central median island because I took a corner too wide in wet conditions at night and simply didn't notice the concrete strip that was disguised by the light shadows. OK it taught me to watch more carefully but I could have easily been killed if the on-coming traffic didn't stop.

I've got good night vision but not everyone has. My wife and many people I've spoken to mention that they just can't see things well at night.

In the case of those kerb units I'll admit I've only seen them in the film and most people will notice them in most conditions. But there are people & conditions in which they will not be so easy to notice. So why not build it more visible in the first place. Did they originally have edge posts so locals noticed them when they were new, shiny & more visible. But the posts have been broken off and not maintained while the kerb has dulled with age? 

In the case of the gully grates, I've never had a problem with them although they can be annoying when trying to cut up the inside of traffic queues. (Perfectly legal.) But I do know that many people are not so aware of them and they have caused serious crashes. One guy I was riding with up a hill had a car cut too close to him and the rider had no choice to try to ride over the grate. He fell into it, ruined his front wheel and fell off. Luckily he was going slow, managed to almost stop and didn't fall badly on the road under traffic. The fact is that those grates do cause crashes, are a legal liability for councils and there is simply no reason why cycle friendly grates can't be used. Most road & storm water designers of the time simply did not think about the hazard they created for bikes or pedestrians. These days, "cycle friendly" grates is used by DMR & councils and I doubt you could even buy one that bike wheels can fall down. (Although be careful of the TMR ones that have parallel raised bars that can "tram track" race wheels. They can still cause a crash.)

"The fact is that those grates do cause crashes"

The ones she was complaining about certainly don't cause crashes and never could. Physically impossible as the grills are far too narrow. Not quite sure what she was expecting there - flyscreen?


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