Hi all,

Off to Utrecht for the first time soon with my wife and two kids and fishing for tips on hiring bikes, places to ride, things to see...anything really ?

If you have no tips for me just let me know how jealous you are ;)


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Lucky you!

My top tips ...

Edit: Leave enough space in the luggage or take a packable bag for all the bike bits you need to take back to Oz!

Thanks David...some good reading there. Glad to pre-warned about the toilet shelf...don't remember them from my days in Amsterdam :)

I dont think any bicycle bits will be allowed in the bags as we are crazily trying to keep it to carry-on only as we have a few months travel after the Netherlands...but maybe a few international deliveries may be in order :)

You will need spare change for the loos as well...

I am very jealous!

The wife and I took a free walking tour of Utrecht. Learnt a lot of stuff about the city that I wouldnt have otherwise found out and totally recommend it. Most people give a tip at the end of the tour.


DO NOT leave your bike anyway not locked to something solid - particularly on a Sat night. Its a game for University students to find an unlocked bike and through it in the canal.

Underneath the streets is the original roman city. I didnt get time to check it out but kind of wished I did. Same for climbing the Dom Tower.

If your kids like Miffy (nijte in Nederlands) then definately check out the Miffy museums (Utrecht is the home of Miffy and only recently did Miffy's creator pass away).

We stayed in a B&B room on the canal (Utrecht has unique 'double decker' canals). Whilst it was very picturesque the canals have mozzies and the rooms dont have great ventalation so your forced to leave your room door open when its warm. Also the noise of cars on the road is an issue.

Great tips, thanks very much Shaun. Love walking and cycling tours to learn about a city so thanks for pointing me at that one.

We have an Air B&B apartment in a normal building along the canal for a week. Were you talking about something like that or actually in the canal itself where they have those canal restaurants, cellars etc ?

Yeah our room was in the canal itself. I wouldn't do that again :-)

I can understand why you chose it though...live and learn :)


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