Hi there

I'm thinking of buying a Gazelle Chamonix (non electric) for commuting and cruising around town.

Had a test ride on a 53cm one today and it felt good.

However I'm about 1.76m tall and am wondering if I would be better on the 57cm. They didn't have one that size in the shop so couldn't compare.

Does anyone have a 57cm I could throw a leg over to check out the sizing? I work at South Bank so I'm quite central... Also would be interested to hear pros, cons, general thoughts from any Gazelle owners out there, I know there are a few of you about.



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Hi - If it helps:

I have a gazelle 57cm frame and I'm 183 cm - the seat post it raised about 9cm above the clamp. My wife has the 53cm frame and is 168cm. Her seat post is as low as it can go and she still thinks the bike it a fraction too high.

I would say given you are 7cm shorter than me that the 57cm frame might be too high. At a rough guess that would mean the seat post would need to go down from 9cm above the clamp to 2cm - pretty low. 

I'll probably be riding in to work on Tues/Wed if you still want to give the 57cm a try. I would feel pretty comfortable in saying stick to the 53cm frame though for you.


Is your wife more comfortable on it now, Shaun? I'm taking the plunge and getting a 53cm. I'm 176cm and my wife is 164cm. She's a bit of a nervous rider and likes to be able to have both feet down while sitting on the seat. 

I'm concerned she won't be able to, but the 49cm would be way too small for me I think.

Hoping once my wife is more comfortable with mounting/dismounting properly she'll be less bothered. 

Hey Chris - yep she's fine with the bike now and loves riding it to the shops with me on the weekend. However since your wife is a little shorter it might be a little outside her comfort factor.

If you change the seatpost from a suspension one to a normal one you should be able to lower it a couple of cms further. Make sure you get a QR clamp for the release so you can quickly adjust the height back to your level.

I rode Thea's bike last night and felt like a bear riding one of those clown bikes :-)

Yeah that's what I'm worried about! Her being uncomfortable on the 53, and me looking like a lunatic on the 49 :P 

You say it like its a problem. Its just an opportunity - to buy two Gazelles :-)

Plus then she can girly girly up her Gazelle (Hi Thea!) and you can keep yours all sleek and swift!

Well can't really justify 2 Gazelles AND a thermomix (which is her toy to let me get my toy) :P 

But apparently I have to let her play with my bike...

I'm sure she'd let you play with her thermomix!

Yes...I'm sure she would! 

Hey Chris. I'm the same height as your wife and I initially bought a 49 because I felt I needed to be able to get both feet down when carrying kiddos. The 53 felt better to ride but I was a bit nervous about stopping safely. 

I actually found it too small (the seat to stem distance felt too tight) and the shop kindly swapped it for a 53 for me a few days later. I can't get my toes down while seated on the seat & seatpost it came with but I swapped to a fixed seatpost and my old seat (it has a smaller distance from the rails to the top and gains an extra couple of cm). With that combo I can get the balls of both feet down while seated. I have a quick release on it and it's simple to swap back to the original combination if I'm riding on my own without the kid seat in front (there isn't enough room to do the Sheldon Brown mount/dismount while I've got the kid seat in place). 

I am fine with having the seat down lower for the next year or so until the kid seat isn't needed and I don't go long distances, but you certainly don't get the most efficient ride. 

Thanks for that info Kathryn!  Very helpful!

Is that one of the new X2 Innergys?

Yup :-) Long story there! I had several issues with the electrics on my original XT bought in February and Gazelle replaced it with an XT2 under warranty (yay!). It's a beautiful bike and I notice the difference with the extra sensor. It's a very smooth ride, especially at slow speeds going up hills (riding with 7yo up hills can be very slow going). Colour is nice too, branding is more subtle which I like.


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