The morning rant - what pisses me off about other cyclists

Summer may or may not be over, but that's no excuse to have a rant, which is what I feel I really need to do this morning.

The intersection at Sylvan Road gets quite congested at times between 630am and 730am with many cyclists all waiting at the red light.

What really shits me, and yes I said that word because it's how I feel about this situation, is that when there are already about 10 people all gathered together waiting for the light to turn green, I will fall back a few metres so as to NOT add to the clusterfuck that always occurs when those in front can't get their feet in quickly enough, and others are generally slow off the mark.  While I'm waiting, there are always some IDIOTS who just decide to go around me and cut in, thereby adding to said clusterfuck.  It's just damn rude and inconsiderate!

Just because I'm not on a $5000 bike and clad in lycra, does not mean that I can't take off as fast, or faster than them.

Why do they feel that they have to do this?  Do they overtake cars when stopped at the lights if they leave too much distance between themselves and the car in front?  It's just bloody inconsiderate and just adds to the frustration of being a bike commuter.  More often than not, I end up riding up the same person's rear (or trying not to) because they mistakenly assume that I am a slow rider and later on the bikeway when it's safe, have to overtake them. Or WORSE, there are two or more having a conversation, riding side by side, and after cutting in front of everybody else, they continue said conversation whilst preventing the cyclists behind them from going at the speed they would normally ride at.

If you are one of those people that do this - PLEASE DON'T.  It does not get you there any faster, it's damn inconsiderate and if anything it may even contribute to an accident! 

There.  Rant over.  Anybody else got anything to rant about?

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I agree Elinor. Unfortunately our cycling facilities encourage fast and aggressive cyclists. So that's what we get... :(


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