I sort of live in a no-mans land between BUGs but I'm thinking many who read this would follow this forum and be interested, maybe even interested enough to help in some way.

The point of this email is the connectedness of active transport infrastructure around Ferny Grove Railway Station and to invite people who live there to lobby their local government and state government representatives . I have a car but don't drive many places, I do walk and treadle a lot locally and use public transport a lot and I'm interested in the existence of safe, efficient and pleasant pathways and roads for active transport in my local area.

To put some context to "my local area", I live in the Hills District of Moreton Bay - that's Arana Hills, Ferny Hills and Everton Hills - all of which have a border with Brisbane and the nearby Ferny Grove Railway Station is my railway station of choice. The Ferny Grove Railway Station is across the road from the boundary between the Brisbane local government area and the Moreton Bay local government area and only a few hundred yards from where the boundaries of the Brisbane Gap Ward, the Brisbane Enoggera Ward and Moreton Bay Division 10 join. I live on the Moreton Bay side of Kedron Brook and have always felt a bit awkward lobbying the Brisbane Councillors since I live and vote in Moreton Bay. 

So a few big things are happening in this part of Brisbane
• The proposed "transport orientated development" (TOD) at the Ferny Grove Railway Station looks like it's about to happen. This TOD will reportedly cover the carpark with five stories of car-parking, shops, offices and dwellings - in addition to the existing commuter railway stations and hotel that currently occupy the site. As it is, access and egress to and from the Ferny Grove Railway Station is not a fabulous experience if you are walking or riding, but, there are quite good end-of-trip facilities at the station. It's a busy place in peak hour and the station car park also happens to be the biggest rat-run in the suburb.
• The new "mega-suburb" of Cedar Woods between Ferny Grove and The Gap is about to happen and the only road out of that new development will be towards the Ferny Grove Station. 
• The Ferny Grove-Samford pathway along the line of the old railway is being built which will safely connect Samford to the Ferny Grove Railway Station
• Extension of the large shopping centre at Keperra is finally about to happen which will include a Bunnings and more housing and which also sits adjacent to on-road bike lanes on Samford Road and the only connecting road between Ferny Grove / Keperra and The Gap

Now, it would be a good thing to see the Kedron Brook pathway extended all the way to Ferny Grove Railway Station. I'm working on that and the Moreton Bay Regional Council seem "enthusiastic" about my suggestion to make a path on Council land from Jane Street (Arana Hills) to Dinterra Avenue (Ferny Hills) - that would be a start anyway. A Council fellow turned up unannounced last Wednesday (luckily I was working from home that day) to tell me what they were considering (even land swaps and partial resumptions!). It might not happen but it was encouraging to hear that I was not the first person to suggest that path.

Some work on the disconnected paths in Ferny Grove along Cedar Creek could be done to make them connected all the way to Canvey Road and through the proposed Cedar Woods mega-suburb development to Nebo Road at The Gap (and past Enoggera Dam to connect to the Enoggera Creek pathway. This would give people from Ferny Grove and Cedar Woods a safe path to Ferny Grove Station (and soon to be shopping centre and picture theatres if the reports are accurate). Ferny Grove Station would then be at the end of a Cedar Creek pathway, Kedron Brook pathway and the pathway to Samford!

So, anyone from the western end of The Gap, or Upper Kedron, or Ferny Grove, or the suburbs in the Hills District - if you feel the need, why not write to your Local Government Councillor or State Government representative and ask for some more safe and convenient active transport infrastructure to connect people and places with the new transport and shopping precinct at Ferny Grove - it would be a win-win for all. Have a go!

I don't think there is a DA for the Ferny Grove Station TOD yet, but for the Cedar Woods DA search for Lot 2 SP151113 at


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Great that you're advocating for this. My brother lives near the station so will ping him.

It was in the local newspaper a week or two back. Mind you, cinemas have been promised around here before. I would like to see where all the boxes are going.

I did read stuff on the the some of the State Government websites, but, oddly, can't find them now :(

The Northwest News of the 21/12/2016 said

A CINEMA complex, supermarket, residential units and up to 250 extra commuter parking spaces will be built at Ferny Grove railway station under a transit-oriented development (TOD) plan unveiled by the State Government.

Speaking at the station on Thursday, State Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the deal for the $100 million-plus project was not yet signed, however the State Government was making “great progress”.

He expected the preferred proponent agreement to be finalised in early 2017 (subject to final negotiations) before development applications were submitted to Brisbane City Council. But the State Government can override council planning restrictions for the site.

Hi Doc

This is an oldish post but I stumbled upon it looking into the TOD application. You had some interesting ideas regarding a Kedron Brook bikeway extension through to Ferny Grove Station. Has there been any traction with this?

I occassionally ride in from Samford, and I use the "Keperra Back Streets" run through Annandale St etc. This is ok but it's a bit indirect and a little hilly. But whenever I catch the train, I see the service road to the north of the rail line between Ferny Grove and Keperra. I can see no real reason why this could not be converted to a shared pathway. It is wide enough that it could still be traversible by vehicles for rail corridor service, the construction of a fence between the train line and the path would be simple and it is alongside the golf course most of the way, so very picturesque with just the occassional train! The path could peel off at the existing path near Doorey St and with a few short backstreets, it could join the bikeway at Hanran St. Is this an option ever considered? 

A true path all the way from the mountains to the mangroves would be a great asset I would think. We are so close!!  Anyway, I was just curious, this is something I have been ruminating on for a while, and it was nice to see there is someone else giving it some thought:)



I wish you well - it's not the easiest commute from Samford to the start of the Kedron Brook Pathway.

There was a line in the last budget for $50,000 allocated for a feasibility study for the Jane Street to Dinterra Avenue pathway. I wrote to thank the Councillor for remembering and he told me of a few other things the Council was planning too - one of which is the Wahminda Park bridge from Lanita Road to Samford Road.

In any case, if the Jane Street to Dinterra Avenue path is feasible then I guess the Council will be asked for the money to build it, but that project would be prioritised with all the other projects in the Council area. I will ask how or if the feasibility study is going. If it ever happens it would get to within a kilometre of the Ferny Grove Station along Ferny Way. I guess in the meantime an alternative to the back streets of Keperra is up Ferny Way and down Patricks road to the Kedron Brook Pathway - though there are a few uncomfortable bits around K-Mart and Gordon Road, Maybe the way you go is the best way. I usually alley-cat around K-Mart and the Gordon Road-Ferny Way intersection - I don't like being on a bike near either of them.

About the service road along the railway line - a good idea (which I also wondered about). When they were duplicating the Ferny Grove line from Mitchelton to Ferny Grove it also occurred to me that I should have asked if a bike path might be included - except the railway track duplication was half finished by then so maybe a bit late to be asking for changes at that point. You might try approaching the State Government about it - I guess I may as well ask the question to the State Government as well, but, I suspect as many of the culverts and some parts are probably not wide enough now  unless land is resumed from the Golf Course ... still, if you don't ask you don't get.

Did you know that there are (or at least were) end-of-trip facilities at Ferny Grove Station? Apparently it was part of a trial which included the bike lockup room and showers. I presume the showers are still available for use. 

On a brighter note - Ellendale (that's the name of the new suburb Cedar Woods are developing) is most of the way to the Gap now - it might be possible to ride from Ferny Grove to Mount Nebo Road near the Enoggera Dam when it is finished. It might also be possible even now to get to Bellbird Grove from Upper Kedron as there is a Council park that might connect - though I haven't got out there to see yet.

Thanks for the reply Doc. Good to see it is still on their radar. I'd suggest you try the Annandale St back-way, as there is at least next to no traffic, and the hills are actually pretty short. I do anything to avoid traffic these days. But a nice flat run alongside the train would be nice - I will put it in writing to TMR, as you say nothing to lose!

Good to know about those future options up to Mt Nebo road. I'll keep an eye out. 

Agreed - a path along the creek or railway line that connects Keperra and Ferny Grove stations would be great. Those hilly streets named after trees are good for raising the heart-rate, but a bit off-putting for a lot of riders. Can you imagine how busy the ride to Samford would be if it the Keperra-Lanita connection were to the same standard as the more easterly parts of the Kedron Brook bikeway. 

And don't get me started on the need for an all-abilities connection from Lanita across the ridge to the top of the Cabbage Tree Creek bikeway.

I believe there's a boring machine parked under Kedron somewhere. 

They’re not all boring - some machines are interesting ;)

… at least if you burrow down and get to know them. ...

I met one once. It was a bit of a shallow experience. But then we didn't really get our teeth into anything substantial.

Yeah I dig it.

This looks like the same drill all over again.


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