I suppose I'm new to Brisbane, I may be a bit stupid on the edges, so I'm asking the local Community to try to answer my question below:

Why so many riders here wear black jerseys in the blazing sun on hot days like these days? 

Is it to get cooler or to be more visible from motor... I mean, pedestrians?

I know for sure Raymond will have an answer already, since he has a logical answer for everything: Raymond? Show us your skills as a physicist and physiologist. Your answer will not count towards your IQ estimation.

I hope for these poor devils than nobody will tell them "Wear white!" with a German accent from the 30s. I mean...the thirties Celsius. What did you think of, little clever foxes?! ;-)

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Maybe they left home when it was dark, and they are just finishing their ride?

Black is the new black.

From a vanity point of view, a black jersey is more slimming. Rapha, which many cyclists swear by (I don't own any myself) for comfort and style put out a lot of blakc and navy jerseys. The coloured editions I've seen, seem to show sweat patches which doesn't look great especially when you've froked out $200 for a jersey...

I personally like a cool pattern whatever the colour. 


It's interesting the difference preference people have. I nearly always gravitate towards simple colours with lack of flashy designs. Black, navy, army green, all good tops. 

I've got both Rapha and Assos tops and they're both very comfy, though the Assos top is very aggressive fit and short on the stomach.

My Rapha knicks however have been disappointing. They're very comfy, but went see-through after 5 uses. Assos ones still going extremely strong after 1.5 years of constant use. 

I recently stocked up 3 "POC" jerseys. They were on sale on my favourite website (www.materiel-velo.com, no EN language available, but if one of you is interested I can help you to place an order, they've got amazing prices). I bought them for about EUR 30 each, 70% off! They shipped them within 24 hours. Five days later they were brought to my doorstep, with about 15% GST off!

They're the best jerseys I've ever worn for high temps (I used them overseas, in up to 37°C in the mountains). They're both protective, visible, and very very light. I actually wore them that hot week-end we had about 10 days ago. I was then around Kilcoy.

Black jerseys seem to be the fashion recently. I think black wearers are just fashionsistas who don't understand that it is important to be more visible on the road to be noticed instead of run over.

White cars are involved in 10% fewer crashes than dark & dull coloured cars yet many people believe black cars are high status or prestigue or some equally wanky thing. Many drivers also fail to understand that head lights are so that other road users can see you coming and not hit you. Those dull coloured / black cars after sunset & in poor light conditions are far less likely to be noticed against dull backgrounds.

It’s a pretty basic desire to want to look good or the best you can. It’s no secret that people feel good if they think they look good. I know 1) I don’t look good in white as how unflattering it is and 2) how hard it is to keep a white jersey white and not gray.
Then when you couple that with how much I hate fluoro yellow as a jersey colour you get why those just don’t get a run.
There has to be a balance between buying a kit that you can be seen in and enjoying said kit. If you buy a kit because it’s safe but don’t enjoy wearing it, then you won’t wear it.

Black Sheep, best gear in the heat of BrisVegas, locally owned too.


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