Sylvan Rd is a constant grievance for western suburbs bike commuters.


Here is a thread to add your stories / videos re the shenanigans of Sylvan Rd.  38 years down the track, BCC will see this overwhelming stockpile of evidence and be forced to "consider" a review "in the future".  Who'll be smirking and waiting another 38 years then ... 


In the meantime, add to this or start your own location specific grievance thread.  Its therapeutic if nothing else.

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Called this morning to report a car there and Jake from BCC called me and said there are regular patrols there in morning, but keep calling them in anyway ...

Just stumbled across this link from BCC seeking feedback on the effectiveness of the Sylvan Road Peak Hour bike lane trial.

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback.

Survey here: 



Spotted Richard Bean on Sylvan Rd yesterday continuing his excellent work to encourage people to provide feedback and ask for better conditions.

Please encourage others you know to respond.

Spotted Chris Turnbull on Friday last week taking up the cause.  

So I noticed today that there are permanent signs advising of "No Stopping, Mon-Fri 6am-9am" on the inbound side and matching 4pm-7pm signs on the outbound.

I've never noticed these signs before.  So are these a signal that the peak hour bike lanes are permanent, or have these been here the whole time and I've just never noticed them before?

Looks like they have always been there in some parts - this streetview pic from May last year

Only difference is the temporary sign in blue zip tied to the blue - maybe they were removed?


Updates on cycling crashes from Webcrash. Almost all cycling crashes in Toowong are on Sylvan Rd.

3 hospitalisations each in 2016 and 2017, each involving one car. This needs to go on the 2020 BCC campaign wish list.


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